What to think ehhh,

HELLO! Start of March Holidays but not really a holiday for me lor.

Today there was history quiz + timed practice. And I screwed up for the quiz , so sad okay ): I hope I dont fail , and I cant finish the history essay. Ahahaha. In the past you give me 40 minutes I can finish 2 essays easily. But now different uh.

Aft sch , me and Constance met Yansheng all the way at Bishan MRT , ate LJS at Junction 8 , Im so suaku la , I’ve never been to Junction8! But first time for everything hehe (: Aft eating we went to walk arnd and eat Mcdonalds Ice cream! And MRT-ed home with Constance aft that.

Went Botak Jones to eat dinner with Mummy Darius Darren and Aunty. Siao la the portion so big cannot finish. I feel like a waster. Went to the library , then walk arnd inter , then went to Macs cos of my fantastic idea to buy Mcdonalds ice cream again. So in total I ate two ice creams today.^^ Bumped into Anna , Eunice and Wanxin .

In the end , I went with the 3 of them to buy stuff then go church cos I didnt feel like going home so early. Ahahaha they are mad ppl la . Esp Wanxin , laugh and laugh! V funnn , too bad Mummy didnt allow me stay over. So they walked me to outside the gate of church and now Im home! Tmr Econs Lecture.. ):

And I havent started on any homework , Im seriously a slacker.

Desireeeeee ahhhh , dont think so much cannnnn. Ahhhhh its nothingggg , but whyyy youuuu thinkinggg sooo muchhhh. Stop daydreaming and start snapping backkk to realityyy alr….

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