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What does it feel like when a surfer gets lost in the waves and drifts further and further away from the shore? The shore and land were once a foundation firm on which he could stand, he could see it still, the sandy beach just beckoning to him, screaming his name desperately, wanting him to set foot on them once again, but he just couldn’t. Wave after wave crashed into his surfboard, bringing him further into uncertainty, into the blue ocean, the body of water he had always admired and wished to be a part of since he was a young boy. He was among the emerald blue clear waters now, just that they didn’t give him peace anymore. If anything, they were a threat to his life, to his future and he was rendered helpless as he clung faithfully to his surfboard. How apt. How will the surfer ever find his way back to firm ground? Maybe never. 

I need a beach holiday. 


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All this time I guess I’ve just been trying to suppress the memories and the thoughts regarding this matter because I still think that by not confronting reality, a small part of it will be etched into memory and never fizzle away. Clutching at remnants but at least there are still bits and pieces that feel so very real to me. I don’t know when these will disappear but I don’t want it to. Everything, music, papers, words, they all contribute to building up that image that can never be replaced. Experiences that can never be relived no matter how we try to repeat it, repeat, repeat, repeat. I always wanted things to stay the same but I’m painfully aware that it’s virtually impossible. But maybe for tonight, just let me replay the events in my mind, trying so desperately to convince myself that everything is still the same, everything is in reality. 

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stop these feelings.

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Seriously idk what you are thinking. Dont know why I am always saddled with these problems and even though I can fully choose to wash my hands off, I cannot because I cannot stand by and watch while doing nothing but neither can I fully agree with you this time. 

That aside, CC14 was awesome, I love church camps, I love reconnecting with my Lord on a deep, personal level and not have to worry about the stress just merely being in Singapore gives. God help me to be humble before You, to seek Your face every waking moment, and to live my life for You. 

New season, new consecration. Life is difficult but with You holding my hand and guiding me, everything, everything will turn out fine. 

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Dont ever let the tears fall cos they dont do anything to helpm be brave be brave and facr the future. Im not alone, need to keep telling myself this.

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Perhaps we all move on and how foolish to think you would be different. Either that or I’m just thinking too much. Ugh whatever brain.


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Where have you been? :(