Eh please lah, if you dont know how to be a mother or suck at being one then just bloody shut the hell up. 

I tell you nicely to respect other people, which you clearly dont know how to do, you turn on me and ask me to mind my own business. Gladly accepted please, I dont even want to mind your business in the first place since you HAVE NEVER CARED ABOUT ME. Still dare to act like youre the innocent party so poor thing victim etc. PLEASE LAH. 

If you ever invested your time and an ounce of care into loving your kids then this wouldnt have happened. Childish of you to blame somebody else but expected of you lah since your character sucks anyway. 

Nothing to say. Pls dont threaten me. I really dont know what to say. Speechless. Honestly speaking maybe my life will be so much better without you interfering. Since all you say to me is negative anyway. You dont care, I dont care. You dont respect me, why the hell should I respect you? 

Just myob lah hor from now on. 

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