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Posted in Uncategorized on July 2, 2014 by makeasimplewish

What does it feel like when a surfer gets lost in the waves and drifts further and further away from the shore? The shore and land were once a foundation firm on which he could stand, he could see it still, the sandy beach just beckoning to him, screaming his name desperately, wanting him to set foot on them once again, but he just couldn’t. Wave after wave crashed into his surfboard, bringing him further into uncertainty, into the blue ocean, the body of water he had always admired and wished to be a part of since he was a young boy. He was among the emerald blue clear waters now, just that they didn’t give him peace anymore. If anything, they were a threat to his life, to his future and he was rendered helpless as he clung faithfully to his surfboard. How apt. How will the surfer ever find his way back to firm ground? Maybe never. 

I need a beach holiday.