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It took me so much willpower to make that decision to stop maintaining contact with you. 

Can you please tell me why you are doing this to me? 


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我生日才过, 你都忘了吧。

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You forgot. But thats ok.

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I don’t know whether you’re doing it on purpose, chances you are oblivious to it as well, but I do feel it. 

You didn’t use to be like this. You would do what you say, mean what you say and think of others. I know I’m probably being super bitchy and over-sensitive on my part, but you can’t blame me. What happened over the past 2 months? I know people change, but change shouldn’t be so radical, and change shouldn’t make you leave anyone behind. Yet you’re doing just that. I understand that you’re really busy, and I know that you are tired. I can see that and desperately, I wish there was some way to make you feel better. It’s lousy enough I can’t do anything for you.

But then again. You used to genuinely listen to me and give me advice. Or even laugh it off with me or say something to make me forget the sorrow I was facing. Nowadays I don’t feel that anymore. Again, maybe its over-sensitiveness on my part. But can you say that I’m wrong? Everytime I’m with you it’s like you are there but your heart is not there at all. You’re someimtes so listless and there’s more silences than last time. 

I understand that things change and I can’t do anything about it, but do you know all these? I am so afraid of losing another friend, but something at the back of my brain is nagging at me once again. 

‘They all leave in the end, it’s just one more.’ 

Is this the way things are supposed to turn out? Perhaps it is. Sigh.