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“He doesnt deserve you.”

But what if you’re the only one I want?


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Another one of those (countless) nights I wanna blast my playlist and listen to it until I have no choice but to fall asleep.

Yes God, I have promised myself and You to trust in You. And even though You have given me signs, I know I still have to pray and seek You, but I also know this is getting increasingly difficult. 

Why is it that everytime I think that someone is the right one, he turns out to be someone totally uncaring, or someone that is at first close, but then gradually drifts away for no reason at all? I see people around me happily attached, and deep down sometimes, I feel so much jealousy. ): 

I was reading a conversation that occured a year ago. I was so happy. I really thought that something was gonna happen, but I know God had other plans and therefore that friendship ended in nothing. I was sad, I cried, but I had to pick myself up and move on. 

And now, the same thing. The same thing after the same thing. I put in effort, and I know this situation means the tiniest bit of something, but it sucks not to know what. Please dont leave just like that, you made a silent but strong impression on me, but please don’t leave without any word at all. I really dont want this to end here, end like this. 

Sigh. Stop thinking brain.