In three days, my prayers got answered twice in a row. I am so, so utterly amazed at God’s work, and as much as I am happy, a part of me still feels that small bit of uncertainty and loss of direction.

Where to go now from here? What is God trying to tell me? He gave me a sign, no, two signs when I asked for them, but I didn’t ask for specific signs. What exactly is He trying to say?

Nevertheless, when you showed up today, I was in shock yet pleasantly surprised. But parting was fleeting and now I’m stranded once again. God, please give me a direction to  turn to, a plan that I can start on. I wish for this to blossom into something, but right now its like being stuck on an island without any equipment to call a boat to get to the city.

But among all these worries, I know You will provide. Faith, patience and lots of prayer should do it. Thank You God once again.

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