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In three days, my prayers got answered twice in a row. I am so, so utterly amazed at God’s work, and as much as I am happy, a part of me still feels that small bit of uncertainty and loss of direction.

Where to go now from here? What is God trying to tell me? He gave me a sign, no, two signs when I asked for them, but I didn’t ask for specific signs. What exactly is He trying to say?

Nevertheless, when you showed up today, I was in shock yet pleasantly surprised. But parting was fleeting and now I’m stranded once again. God, please give me a direction to  turn to, a plan that I can start on. I wish for this to blossom into something, but right now its like being stuck on an island without any equipment to call a boat to get to the city.

But among all these worries, I know You will provide. Faith, patience and lots of prayer should do it. Thank You God once again.

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Trying to have faith and trust now. Things will turn out good, because you have a plan. Even if I dont see him tmr, if it is Your will, I will see him someday. 



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Kinda sad but lets see whats in store

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I prayed for it, got it in the most unexpected way. But I still don’t know whether this is a sign. 

Unpredictable, but if it is Your will, may we cross paths again. Again. 

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Trusting fully in You.


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Because whenever I turned to look at him, I saw a reflection of you. Who am I kidding, I don’t know him well. I don’t know him at all, but when my eyes first glanced over, I got a shock because I thought it was you standing there. 

Awkward first meeting, but brushing that aside, the mannerisms, the way he talks, the way he walks, even the things that he says, it all points back to you. How can someone be so similar to another? I know he is different, I know that I would probably never see him again, our paths curving in a divergent manner. 

Yet I still feel that longing, not to see you, but that somehow, just somehow, I could talk to him. The chances are probably nearer to 0, maybe even impossible, and I must be crazy to be thinking of this right now. Is it really so important? 

It’s all your fault. Why are you still occupying my thoughts? I don’t know whether to feel happy, or feel sad. If this really happens, it will be a miracle and a sign. And maybe I will know how to go from there. 

Really needing faith right now. 

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How can smth feel so missing once its gone? I dont understand how this works.