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When a fishbowl accidentally breaks, smashijg into a thousand dazzling pieces on the floor, what happens to everything it was once home to?

Water forms puddles on the floor,
Pebbles and silt are strewn everywhere
And most importantly,
The living things that make up that primary ecosystem cease to exist. The fishes flop around on the floor, taking their last breath, and then their bodies go limp and still for eternity.

A year. Time flies quickly eh? Its impressive how

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A year. 

Time flies quickly eh? Its impressive how things are now. 


Because last night in my dream,You were whispering

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Because last night in my dream,

You were whispering into my ear

You set a date for us to meet, and followed through with it.

You laughed and chatted comfortably with me.

You were happy.

And most importantly, you wanted to be by my side.

Last night’s dream was one I wanted to desperately turn into reality, but maybe it will never. I’m so happy just to receive a text from you, and I’m actually glad we have been talking for this past few days. I know it will probably end soon, but I am thankful. No matter what happens. For the first time in a long time, I wanted my dreams to become a reality. 

Thank you, for putting a smile to my face, even if its a short-lived occurance only.