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I’m sorry but I don’t see how I can bring myself to accept this anymore.
What is family anyway?
Love isn’t love anymore when it inflicts hurt onto another party. And right now, I think I have had enough. This week has sucked, and all because of you. I hate to say it, but I don’t really have respect for you anymore. In your eyes, I’m probably just some trash that you regret, but I can’t do anything about what you feel, and you can’t do anything that will get rid of me as well. When I get the means to, I will leave, to spare you all the burden. Maybe then your lives will be better.
In the meantime, I would really appreciate it if you just lay off the comments, sarcasm and scoldings. I am 20 years old, I believe I don’t need to be treated like a child, much less by you. And by the way, you aren’t very mature in handling yourself either, judging from the things you say about me.

Please, just stop. I don’t think I can be more miserable than this. When they say blood is thicker than water, they probably lied. Or maybe I’m the exception. Whatever.

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Seriously, f off.
I dont need your nonsense. Not esp at this point of time. Ass

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Seriously, f off.
I dont need your nonsense. Not esp at this point of time. Ass

To sum up tonight

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She sat by the road, with her mind in a whirl
Things didn’t seem to be going right,
To others, she was just this tiny, insignificant girl
She felt so small, what happened?
She recalled the times when she was a spark in the darkness, burning bright.

She had kept it to herself,
After all, no one did understand
One day, she had enough, she burst into tears.
She cried for a long time,
Engulfed by all the surrounding fears

No one offered her any help,
Not even a listening ear
Where were all the important things
She used to hold so dear?

A voice whispered softly
“I have carried you thus far,
You are my child.
You don’t need an appointment, or money or fame,
Just call the name of your heavenly Father,
And confidently claim my promises,
In Jesus’ name.

I have not written a poem in the longest time EVER, but something struck me tonight. And so it is here for my remembrance’s sake. I hope it isn’t cringe-worthy, but it’s what I have learnt and it comes from the heart. That’s what matters, right?

Byebye guys! (I doubt anyone visits here anymore..)

Worthy is Your Name

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I did quiet time after a really long time of not doing so, and I am so thankful.
God is good all the time indeed, and everytime I read the word He has something to tell me about.

Today I read about Gideon. Gideon felt he was a small, ordinary man, of insignificant status. God wanted him to lead an army to conquer the Midianites in Israel, but he was doubtful of his own capabilities and even asked God for signs if it was really His plan for Gideon. Sure enough, God gave him a sign.
Gideon trusted God, led an army of 300 people and eventually was victorious in his conquest of the Midianites.
It wasn’t because he was of royal character, because he was strong, because he was smart or extremely capable, it was because while everyone around him was worshipping other gods, he chose to be faithful and he chose to follow God. And because of this, God used him for His plans and purposes.

I am always worried about how people will judge me, how people view me and what kind of image I present of myself in everyday life. But maybe I have gone too far and have been too preoccupied to realize that there isn’t a need to. I am made by God, and therefore am perfect in God’s eyes. I am His child and no matter how small a speck of human I am on the face of this planet, He can use me to do great things as long as I trust in Him.
It is difficult to have faith, I have tried time and again, have been close and then strayed far far away. But no matter what, He is there with open arms. Without fear. I guess what I really have to learn is to take that step of faith, one step closer to Him, and run into His warm embrace.

I need to stop relying on myself, my own strengths because I am tired. And only in Him can I find rest and recuperation.
Thank You Father, for always being here for me. I have been doubtful, I have berated myself and beaten myself down time after time until I was a crumbling wreck, but still You love me just the way I am, no matter how inadequate. Help me to claim Your promises day by day, to love myself because You loved me first, and to be a shining light in the darkness.

Prayer is powerful and prayer was a refreshing time for me. I’m glad, so glad.
Judges 5-6.
8th April 2013