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In 2009, I grew attached to you.
In 2010, we grew apart.
In 2011, we hardly talked.
In 2012, it pains my heart so much to say this, but I don’t think you’re my best friend anymore. I am sorry.

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Guessing you are referring to me, but all I have to say is that if you don’t know me by now, so be it. So tired of being judged, really.

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Somehow I expected this? Maybe I’m just meant to be insignificant. Even to you.
You don’t treat me as a friend anymore. You know I hate having to grill you about what’s happening in your life.
I am actually sad.

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If I were to disappear off the face of this earth right this instant, who would even notice?

Nobody. Yup.

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My grandmother is the person I respect the most in this whole entire world. Anyone who even tries to bully her/be rude to her, I promise I will make sure you are sorry.

Your behaviour has disappointed me so greatly. Always thought you were more than that, but these days, seems like you’ve been slipping into your own world of materialism, and ignoring everything around you. Including your family. Especially your family. Just why do I have to face this tension, face the way you treat mama? She has done nothing wrong in the first place, so why can’t you let the past go and be a bit more respectful?
Is it because what she says is correct, that she struck a raw nerve? Because I think that’s what it is.
She isn’t wrong. She is right. Every single word.

Drop your facade of pride please. I feel ashamed looking at your attitude. And I really have tried my best not to feel this way. Time to pay more attention to us I guess. If you even realized the severity of this budding problem in the first place.

Which I highly doubt cos you don’t give a damn. Sigh.

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God does answers prayers. :)