Listening to The radio now, this familiar song is playing once again.
I miss you waiting for me to come home, I miss the smell of your fur when I hugged you close every time I was sad, I miss how you were always the one to catch my falling tears.
I know you have departed from this world, so many years ago, but the time when you were there for me was one of the periods in my life I wouldn’t forget.
You gave me the strength to approach others, to have confidence in myself, just knowing you were there to support me gave me all the courage I need.
But now you’re gone, I have lost that special buddy I used to turn to when I was lost.
I know you are up there somewhere looking down at me, still wagging that golden brown tail of yours, wishing that I will be happy in whatever decisions I make.
I too, hope you are well. You taught me to give my all and be loyal to The people around me. And after all these years, you still hold that special place in my heart. No one or nothing will ever replace you, that is for sure.

I hope you are happy, Cola. I will always miss you, always love you.

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