Sad things aside,

Today was pretty awesome (:

I forgot the rest of what I wanted to say, but I still rmb the incident that has made me happy all the way up till now. I feel silly and mad, but it’s once in a lifetime, so hey you cannot blame me!

I, passed Chinese Alevels 2009 and never ever ever have to resit for another Chinese written paper, for any other Chinese oral examinations, and any other Chinese listening comprehensions.


And to me, it’s really quite a miracle because I was expecting myself to fail. I mean, the number of times I passed Chinese during secondary school and throughout J1 combined can be counted with my fingers, and even my Chinese teacher gave up on me halfway.

So, I am happy. Not only happy, I am superly highly elated. And I think I will stay like this for a long time. Vanessa, I know how you feel, and I am happy for you too!:D

Thanks all who encouraged me, I appreciate it and you guys really made a difference and helped me stay calm just now. Most of all, thank God (:

Common tests are next week, ohnoo. Really have to stop procrastinating and start revision now. BB :D

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