Yesterday was mad mad mad awesome! From noon to midnight I tell you. Firstly, met Eunice at downtown east because she wanted to look for a job at WWW. Eh I see her fill up the application form I also feel like working leh! The people there are super nice too lah. :D Eunice , hope you get the job! Hahahaha. Ate NYNY after that, and the waitress was nice. Pasir Ris filled with nice people uh, all so friendly! She made us cotton candy, and guess what, Eunice had 3 sticks. HAHAHA.

Bused to church after that. And after cell, we were at the HQ, wondering where to go eat dinner. Just nice, Isaac + gang were there also, psycho-ing us to go somewhere far away to eat. In the end, we all went to Parkway, ate at Yoshinoya, played pool until midnight. HAHAHA. It was damn fun, the guys are all experts at pool, and when Olivia and I played, we took close to an hour. Kena laughed at also, but nevermind lah huh, all in the name of fun. :D

Let’s do this again soon guys, I haven’t enjoyed myself in such a longgggg time. Totally made my day. :D

And thank you Ahgong, for everything uh. Things might not be going right, but rmb, 24/7 POWERPACK DUO! Cheer up lahhhhhh, you still owe me dinner. :D

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