Around the cornerrrrr,

Hi hi hi! Haha today was CNY celebrations in school. Stoned throughout the entire thing, went to walk+talk with Alethea halfway through too. Thanks so much dear, for listening to me, and sharing stuff with me. I believe everything will turn out fine, sooner or later. <3 you to the max!

The rest of the day was spent with PingSee, ZhaoLoong, KuangJie, Reuben, Bijal, Rebekah, Wesley, Nurul + her friend. Went to watch Valentine’s Day at PS, it’s an okay movie lah. Quite cliche and expected plot kind, but I enjoyed it anyway (: Today was awesome even though it was long and I was tired, because I haven’t had so much fun with the awesome people in a long time. (:

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I shall post a poem I wrote quite some time ago. It’s one of my most most most favourite ones, so please don’t run it down. To everyone out there, Happy Valentine’s Day and a prosperous CNY (:


You’re the one that made me see
Loving someone is not about being with him or her
It’s about being happy when he or she is happy
And not regretting when you look back in the future
Love is selfless giving
It is learning to fully let go
Supporting that special person
Even when he or she may not know
Love is giving your hundred percent
In trusting that one person
Who might have overlooked your existence
But to ignore him or her, you have never found a reason
Love is when the person isn’t by your side
And you feel sad and blue
But then you never take it to heart
Because you know he or she is always there for you
7th december 2009

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