It’s what I want to say to you,

Hello !:D

This week has been awesome lah, 5 fun days just flew past like that. Highlight must have been ORIENTATION 2010.

Even though it lasted only 2 days for me, it was still powerpacked-awesome-fun. Tuesday was a little disorientated, because it was the first day, but everything still went smoothly. And wednesday was the best of the best lah. I wish Orientation would go on for a few more days, didn’t get enough of it. Anyway I want to say a big thank you to

SHANNON TEO, WANTENG AND BUVANA. Thank you for being my awesome game partners, YOU ALL ROCK :D

Especially you Ahgong, I won’t forget you one. Even though you poked me, stepped on my shoes, shouted at me, insulted me, you made my two days worth of Orientation so much more worthwhile and meaningful. BE HONOURED :D

Haha okay lah, too tired to post anymore. Haha bye!:D

One Response to “It’s what I want to say to you,”

  1. wow i refresh den the post up. (Y)

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