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Hook fingers with me?

Posted in Uncategorized on January 31, 2010 by makeasimplewish

I slept today away! Okay, but I am proud of myself lor, I did SOME work. (:

Anyway, I just realised that Orientation starts on Tuesday for Game Facils, and I am looking forward to it! Andandand, I told myself I won’t be sad anymore. Because of the white shirt thing. Because what’s most important, is ultimately the experience and fun orientation’s gna bring :D

And I’m so fortunate to have an awesome games partner, SHANNON TEO AHGONGZXZ! You better be honoured when you see this please. Haha, without you, orientation’s gna be so boring lah. :D

Ok, I think I am going to sleep soon. Sux to have to wake up at 6 tomorrow again. Haha bye people!:D

Stay, dont go, I really need you so,

Posted in Uncategorized on January 29, 2010 by makeasimplewish

Hi! Haha haven’t been updating for a long time. So many things have happened I don’t know where to start man. Anyway, school has started for the J1s, and orientation was this thursday.

Super not used to seeing the school so crowded and its so hard to find an empty spot. What’s more, the past 2 weeks we had the school all to ourselves. Okay nvm hahaha. Seeing new people makes me think of last year. And I was just telling Joanna this morning that I miss last year.

Super alot.

Even though many things happened, it was generally an awesome year lah. And I bet Joanna agrees with me too!:D Because we learn from what has happened, and we become even stronger in time to come.

Today was CCA recruitment and we walked around finding hot guys to pull into our CCA. But sadly, we didn’t find any. ): But 40+ people signed up I heard, so, awesome anyway (:

I need to say some things, but I don’t know how to start. Maybe for now, I’ll just say. I wish things weren’t like this. But I’m unsure. I’m very very unsure. Sorry ):

When I grow up,

Posted in Uncategorized on January 24, 2010 by makeasimplewish

I promise you guys.

That when I grow up, I will never be like the both of you.

Protected: Nothing could help.

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Can’t make you,

Posted in Uncategorized on January 16, 2010 by makeasimplewish

I woke up early for Econs test today! And I have to emphasize, its a Saturday ): Gna sleep after typing this, I am so tired cannot think properly hehe.

After econs, went to eat prata with Nurul, Rebekah and Bijal. Bused home and I took the long route back home again. I think I really love where I stay now because today, I spent time walking at the canal behind my house. I love it there, because not only is it empty except for the occasional people walking past, it’s beautiful and there’s a sense of peace and calmness there that I just cannot describe. Spent a full half an hour there just now, fish-watching and crane-watching, and just enjoying the quietness.

And I feel so much happier already. Just by looking at the scenery, and I have to repeat, I really love where I stay now. The canal shall be my new hide-out spot. It’s so effective lah I can’t feel more blessed staying here now.

Gna catch some sleep before going out to meet Mama. Xoxo people! <3


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Was tiring, but awesomeeee. I am lazy to elaborate, because I can feel my eyelids closing soon. And I have to wake up early again tomorrow(which is a SATURDAY.) for Econs test. ):

K, shall appreciate some things while they last. Relying on God, is always the best. (:

Hate to say it,

Posted in Uncategorized on January 12, 2010 by makeasimplewish

But I guess things will never be the same again.

I walked home yesterday via the canal/longkang route next to my house, and it’s such a peaceful place really. Feels like you are in another country. And that’s where I wish I was now. Cos things don’t seem to be working out at all here. I don’t know why, but it’s how I feel. And I’m not going to fly into another angst-y post, so I should stop here.

Xoxo, (: