Open your eyes to see the wonders,

Have been at Worship Team retreat yesterday evening and today. I want to say alot of things, but I just can’t put them in words. I learnt lots of things though. Valuable lessons to the max. (:

Desiree, you gotta remember that life isn’t all about yourself. It’s more than that. Much much more.

And now that I’ve realised all along I had the wrong mindset, I’m really really thankful. For the good things, the bad things, the sad, happy, everything. Cant believe this year passed by so fast, it’s almost the end of the year alr. 3 more days, to a brand new year once again. I rmb something Eunice said to me once, goes something like ‘ One life to live, live it’. So that’s what I’m gna do. Not for myself (:

Anyway, the next few days are gna be busy! Tmr’s worship prac for Smash, thursday’s Smash alr!:D Saturday’s SnL dinner, and the next week is reserved for catching up with people, as well as OGL camp. Won’t be posting here so often I guess.

Shall go off now. Xoxo all :D

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