If hearts were unbreakable,

Then I could tell you how I exactly feel


Just wrote a new poem ! :D

Hehehe can;t wait to fill up my next sketchpad. These few days have been quite busy, I moved into my new house already!

Haha it is quite okay, even though it’s small, but like Dionne said, must count my blessings. At least I have a house to stay in. And it;s not so bad afterall, the deco is fine. And I’m staying opposite Constance now!:D I can see her block from my room ok. We’re only seperated by an expressway hehehe. Still lots to unpack, gna help my Mum for the next few days :D

Christmas is over, it passed in such a flash ok. Christmas day was spent in Uncle Vincent’s house after church. Played Wii with the cousins the entire afternoon. Mario Kart is fun to the max, especially when you finally win. And eating so much sweet stuff. Did I mention I gained weight ): A sign for me to exercise soon.

Haha the next few days are gna be busy with unpacking, Worship Team retreat in the evenings, and preparation for Smash! Can’t believe the year is ending so soon alr. Anyway, will update more soon. Tired now, shall go sleep on my chio bed (:


Tell me how you feel, I really want to know.

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