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Haha, its the end of the year again, 31st December. Looking forward to the rest of the day, worship prac + Smash! Cannot wait hehe.

Anyway, wanted to do evaluation on the past year. But I have limited time. So basically, 2009 has been one of the best as well as one of the worst years ever. In the sense that so many things happened, it’s like one big cyclone/tornado. Leaves you shaky and don’t know where you’re standing right? But this year, I’ve grown in ways that words can’t explain completely. Learning to see things from different perspectives is really important, glad I’ve noticed that.

This year had its fair share of good and bad things happening, but all in all, I’m still thankful for whatever has happened. Right from the beginning of the year where I played like mad, to the time where I got my Olevel results + posting, being posted into SRJC, and the whole school year + all its drama, right up to the EOY ‘holidays’, it’s been a rollercoaster ride. But each step of the way, I’ve learnt something new. And I’m super thankful for everything. (:

Ok lah, I had alot to say, but I forgot whatever I wanted to post now. So I shall leave with a special dedication to my awesome class this year, 1A04,2009. (: You guys have been the best thing ever that has happened to me this year. Even though I didn’t know anybody in the class at first except for Constance and Priscilla, I slowly got to know most of you guys, and I realised what wonderful individuals you are. Without you guys, I think I would have quit school long ago. Hahaha. Thank you for brightening up my days, adding laughter to my life, your encouragements and naggings and motivations, basically just for being there. Next year is a whole new year, and even though everyone won’t be in the same class anymore, I’ll still remember each and everyone of you guys, and hopefully you’ll all remember me too lah. (: This has been one of my most wonderful, special and unforgettable classes, and I really treasure each and every one of you. I love you 1A4’09 <3333333.

Actually I still have lots of things to say, but most of it is private. Hahahaha so whoever’s reading this, happy new year and enjoy this special day ok!:D


Open your eyes to see the wonders,

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Have been at Worship Team retreat yesterday evening and today. I want to say alot of things, but I just can’t put them in words. I learnt lots of things though. Valuable lessons to the max. (:

Desiree, you gotta remember that life isn’t all about yourself. It’s more than that. Much much more.

And now that I’ve realised all along I had the wrong mindset, I’m really really thankful. For the good things, the bad things, the sad, happy, everything. Cant believe this year passed by so fast, it’s almost the end of the year alr. 3 more days, to a brand new year once again. I rmb something Eunice said to me once, goes something like ‘ One life to live, live it’. So that’s what I’m gna do. Not for myself (:

Anyway, the next few days are gna be busy! Tmr’s worship prac for Smash, thursday’s Smash alr!:D Saturday’s SnL dinner, and the next week is reserved for catching up with people, as well as OGL camp. Won’t be posting here so often I guess.

Shall go off now. Xoxo all :D

If hearts were unbreakable,

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Then I could tell you how I exactly feel


Just wrote a new poem ! :D

Hehehe can;t wait to fill up my next sketchpad. These few days have been quite busy, I moved into my new house already!

Haha it is quite okay, even though it’s small, but like Dionne said, must count my blessings. At least I have a house to stay in. And it;s not so bad afterall, the deco is fine. And I’m staying opposite Constance now!:D I can see her block from my room ok. We’re only seperated by an expressway hehehe. Still lots to unpack, gna help my Mum for the next few days :D

Christmas is over, it passed in such a flash ok. Christmas day was spent in Uncle Vincent’s house after church. Played Wii with the cousins the entire afternoon. Mario Kart is fun to the max, especially when you finally win. And eating so much sweet stuff. Did I mention I gained weight ): A sign for me to exercise soon.

Haha the next few days are gna be busy with unpacking, Worship Team retreat in the evenings, and preparation for Smash! Can’t believe the year is ending so soon alr. Anyway, will update more soon. Tired now, shall go sleep on my chio bed (:


Tell me how you feel, I really want to know.

Snowflakes and snowshakes,

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Merry Christmas everybody! (L)

Somehow, Christmas this year has been different. Maybe it’s cos we’re in the midst of moving, that’s why time seems to pass so much faster. I actually forgot it was Christmas already.

Anyway today was awesome ! Church, followed by Uncle Vincent’s house. <3 Wii and Mario Kart, we were addicted to that game for the whole afternoon ok. And I improved. (Y)

Next few days are gna be busy, moving in tmr! :D Will miss Marine Parade and the convenience of everything here. Most of all, will miss Mama and her house. ):

Ok everyone, have a blessed Christmas, even though the day’s ending soon! (L) you all!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEWAINE LEE! :D One year older alr, loving you loads babe <3 Meet up soon!

It’s times like these,

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Where instead of sleeping, you lie awake and think of all sorts of things.And deep down, you know that it’s always there to haunt you, cause you insecurity, worries, helplessness. I worry. Abit too much.

But enough of that, the past few days have been fine, catching up with people, sleeping, having alone time (:

And watching BBT! Ahwei is so cute, right right right? :D

What I’ve told Joanna, makes me feel so much better. Thanks babe <3 you!

Chocolate, candies, lollipops;

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Thank you Constance, for today.

Enjoyed myself, damn awesome time with you! ^^ Let’s do it again soon okay! <3

My legs are aching like mad now. But I am happy, genuinely (:


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Ahwei ^^