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My parents are back from Cameron Highlands!:D And they brought back so much food. Most importantly, they bought me STRAWBERRIES <3 Haha got dried one and handpicked ones. And I finished all already. Oops. ): Hehe glad they’re back anyway I guess, the house was so quiet without Darren. But now Darren’s back, Darius is gone for camp. And he’s only coming back tomorrow. Miss my brotherrrrr ):

Haha anyway yesterday was fun cos I got to catch up with Wanxin + Daniel! Finally ok, after how long. We went to eat Kenny Rogers <3<3<3. And then walked around Marina Square and Suntec. Daniel is damn bad I tell you, we saw something outside Carrefour(?) and we laughed like mad. Disturbing to the max. Ate frozen yoghurt with Buddy! :D Then they had a splendid idea to walk to Bugis. Which wasn’t very far at all. Hehe. Buddy had to go off first, so me and Daniel went to walk arnd Bugis Street, and Iluma! Eh, my first time going there k, its so BIG.

Found the rooftop/ whatever its called lah. And the scenery damn nice! Hahahaha. Let’s do this again sometime soon k! And thanks Daniel for sitting bus with me and going one big round to Bedok Inter. (:

K I am not going to cry anymore. I promise myself. No more swollen + red eyes every morning. (:

I’ll still stay here,

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These few days I have been productive!:D

Yesterday, I wrote 2 poems. And now I’m thinking of new songs to write. Got new plot to base it on le. (:

Others may think I waste time, but eh. It helps to relieve stress and help me not think so much, so it is beneficial. I wna fill up my sketchpad also! As soon as possible. :D

So yesterday I went to church, and Samuel BFF introduced a new song. :D

I really need to get back on track again. Like I have read this quote ‘ Nobody can hold on to two different things at once. ‘ I’ve made up my mind to let go of certain things, and God is more important. These few days will be reflection days. Okay lah, actually the past few weeks have all been spent doing self-evaluations, reflections, and some really deep thinking.

P.S. Thanks for helping me see things much more clearly. I guess even if some things dont happen, I’m still gna treasure what we have now. I really feel much better alr. And I promise you, I will get over this no matter what it takes. Thank you. (:


Protected: The third one.

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Draw a picture of you,

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Today I bought a new sketchpad. No its not for drawing purposes, my art sucks. I’m going to compile all my poems/songs/C.O.Ws from the past 2 years. And maybe one day when I am brave enough, I will show you, and you.

Today was pretty fine, thank you Constance for listening on the way home. Haven’t took the bus with you for ages, I miss it. ):

Great to have ppl who care. (:

I feel like doing something, but at the same time I am scared. Sigh.

Under the moonlight.

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It is heartwarming when someone cares about you and you know you can always count on them.

Eunice laogongggzxzxz, thanks so much. When I read your post, I really cannot help but feel touched. Even if its only one small part, I see your care and concern. I really hope I’ll be able to keep the relationship too.

Love you so much ok. Things will turn out fine. AND AREN’T YOU HONOURED? This post is dedicated to you. Thank you once again so so so much.

You made my day/evening/night. :D Muacks (L)

They light up the sky.

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I get a thousand hugs

From ten thousand lightning bugs

As they try to teach me how to dance

I’d like to make myself believe

That planet Earth turns slowly.


Damn cute song lah! :D

Yeaaaa I want ten thousand hugs. Hehehe so these few days have been good I guess. CCA chalet yesterday was the bomb, finally got to see the rest which I havent seen in ages! And Charlene was being her usual hyper self. Waited for people to give me food. And I think I ate quite a bit. Awesome time even though there were these weird ahbengs in the chalet beside us trying to burn down everything they saw.

Oh oh oh! Its a day late and I’ve wished you already, but here’s one more.

Happy Birthday Zhao Loong!:D You’re 17 already ah, cannot be childish anymore! Thank God for an awesome best friend like you. And I think by the time you read this it’ll be how many days later alr. Hahaha.

K xoxo ppl :D

Face it.

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When someone doesn’t like you,

No matter how much you try to change yourself,

No matter how much you think of the person,

No matter how much  you try to psycho yourself that somehow, things might change for the better,

No matter how much you cry over it,

No matter how many people you tell,

No matter how others try to offer their help to you,

No matter what you do,

Things are going to stay the same. They won’t change, the person won’t like you back.Even if you wish upon a thousand stars.

Desiree, face it already.