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Closeee to you ,

Posted in Uncategorized on October 7, 2009 by makeasimplewish

Promos are over!:D But actually, I am not feeling the excitement I thought I would feel after the end of the last paper. Dont know why, because to me, promos had already sort of ended last week for me.

Went out aft History paper with Pingsee, Bijal, Rebekah and Shamini to Pastamania and Swensons at PS. :D Hehe had an awesome time with those people. and Bijal and I sort of got lost on the way home.

Today was blading with KJ, Reuben and Niq. The rest either didnt reply me or couldn’t make it. ): But finally I managed to blade! Ohoh, I fell down once again. At the exact same spot the last time I went blading with the class ppl. Another ugly scratch on my leg.

I sort of caught a glimpse at the Post-promo Timetable just now, and I am sad all over again. Why must there be so many lectures/programmes/PW/chinese EVERYDAY!? Super not in the mood ok, I thought I could sleep and stone at home more, but guess I’m wrong. ): Hate PW to the max.

K, I want to play Maple but the server is down. Sadddddddd. Maybe I shld go find something to do now. Hehe :D