Hold happiness in your hands,

Damn lazy to blog. Anyway, got back promo results today.

I only have two words to say, Thank God.

I seriously didnt expect to pass, let alone do ‘quite well’ according to my own standards. I rmb I was telling my mum yesterday, it would be a miracle if I managed to pass promos. But it happened, and I’m still shocked over it. All thanks goes to God, I really dont know how I could have passed by my own strength alone.

However, I still do not feel happy for some reason. Please dont ask me why, I also dont know. You can do me a favour by not mentioning anything related to  promos anymore. Because I think that is the source of my unhappiness. As I said before, I hate to be happy about something which the people around me are not happy about. The feeling sucks, and I guess no one will understand what I’m talking about. I cant explain it either. Just know that I wont be celebrating/feeling happy about my results for now, and probably in the future as well.

Call me stupid or what, I dont care. I really dont know what to feel or expect now. So simply put, I shall not expect anything from now until the time the final results are released.

Lastly, I am not angry, neither am I stressed, neither am I sad. I feel indifferent, I just dont want to be reminded of what happened again.

Thanks and bye :D

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