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Protected: Cant stop now.

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Protected: The stage is all yours.

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Protected: Sing along to the melody,

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Can’t you see?

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These few days have been so stressful , I dont know why.

I thought promos were the worst period of time, but now I would gladly go back in time if I could. PW is so stressful, and Chinese lessons everyday for 2 hours at  one shot makes me hate school more and more each day.

I am scared. So many things are bothering me right now, and I dont like a single bit of it. I hate creating trouble for people, screwing up so badly to the extent that I feel like disappearing from the Earth.

I am bothered.

Because I dont want to lose the people around me, especially my friends. If you ask me now, I would trade my lifetime of happiness and joy just to keep my friends around. Sounds selfish of me, but its true.

This year I made so many new friends. And learnt many new things. I treasure each and every single friendship/relationship I have made with everyone, and the people around me have been part of the pillar of strength that supports me. Everytime I feel like dying, I know I can count on the people around me. And I really thank God for wonderful awesome people.

Maybe its time to reflect again. I haven’t been the best person this whole year. Actually, I think I have become worse. In attitude, speech and thoughts. I really wish I could change myself, to be a better person. But I cant seem to.

What’s most important in a relationship? Trust, love, understanding? But why can’t I seem to apply those 3 values into my own life? I try hard, but each time I just fall harder and harder. Until I think that I cannot ever get up again.

My mind is so weighed down now that I cant even think properly. Everyday is just worrying about whats to come, complaining about what I have to finish, hating my life. I miss my friendsssss, new and old. Come back to me please ):

Please do not take the above rant personally. Cos it does not apply to anyone in particular, just felt philosophical(?) and wanted to sort my mind out.

Anyway Hi whoever is reading this, you are my friend/family/knows me, I really love you and treasure you. Please remind me to be a better person. Thank you (:

Hold happiness in your hands,

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Damn lazy to blog. Anyway, got back promo results today.

I only have two words to say, Thank God.

I seriously didnt expect to pass, let alone do ‘quite well’ according to my own standards. I rmb I was telling my mum yesterday, it would be a miracle if I managed to pass promos. But it happened, and I’m still shocked over it. All thanks goes to God, I really dont know how I could have passed by my own strength alone.

However, I still do not feel happy for some reason. Please dont ask me why, I also dont know. You can do me a favour by not mentioning anything related to  promos anymore. Because I think that is the source of my unhappiness. As I said before, I hate to be happy about something which the people around me are not happy about. The feeling sucks, and I guess no one will understand what I’m talking about. I cant explain it either. Just know that I wont be celebrating/feeling happy about my results for now, and probably in the future as well.

Call me stupid or what, I dont care. I really dont know what to feel or expect now. So simply put, I shall not expect anything from now until the time the final results are released.

Lastly, I am not angry, neither am I stressed, neither am I sad. I feel indifferent, I just dont want to be reminded of what happened again.

Thanks and bye :D

Under the lights of the street lamps,

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I am so tired but I dont feel like sleeping!

Today there was church , PA duty went well yay :D

After church , went to Simpang with Oli, Eunice and Anna. Fun ok! This is like my third time at Simpang? :D Previous two times were with the Worship Team and PA people . Hehe. Shared food with Oli and went to the playground to camwhore after that. Funfunfun!

Now I shall wait patiently for Anna to send the pictures to me. (:

Anyway, I desperately want a REAL holiday. Which would not come until December probably. This is why I hate PW and Chinese and lectures and tutorials and whatever else. Break , come to me faster ):

K I should probably go sleep now. XOXO people!:D

Closeee to you ,

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Promos are over!:D But actually, I am not feeling the excitement I thought I would feel after the end of the last paper. Dont know why, because to me, promos had already sort of ended last week for me.

Went out aft History paper with Pingsee, Bijal, Rebekah and Shamini to Pastamania and Swensons at PS. :D Hehe had an awesome time with those people. and Bijal and I sort of got lost on the way home.

Today was blading with KJ, Reuben and Niq. The rest either didnt reply me or couldn’t make it. ): But finally I managed to blade! Ohoh, I fell down once again. At the exact same spot the last time I went blading with the class ppl. Another ugly scratch on my leg.

I sort of caught a glimpse at the Post-promo Timetable just now, and I am sad all over again. Why must there be so many lectures/programmes/PW/chinese EVERYDAY!? Super not in the mood ok, I thought I could sleep and stone at home more, but guess I’m wrong. ): Hate PW to the max.

K, I want to play Maple but the server is down. Sadddddddd. Maybe I shld go find something to do now. Hehe :D