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Just want to hold you now,

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Damn sweet <3. Cant believe I cried watching this.

Anyway, promos are here! And it’ll be over in 2 weeks, so blog more then. <3<3 all of you, all the best for those taking exams (:

Speed of light,

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Hehe , <3 my brother.

K, time passes so fast, its less than 2 weeks to Promos. Seriously unprepared.

Anyway, yay! All my wounds have healed. Physical wounds that is. (:

I wish some things would turn out for the better soon. But then again, shall be patient and wait. Hehe.

Oh yea, Exploration of the Human Body is a hilarious show, I recommend you guys watch it hehehehe. Its whats been keeping me up till 2,3am every night this whole holidays(: But sadly, my ‘holidays’ are ending in , one day. Super Junior is the bomb lah, theyre so cute <3

I dont know why I posted this redundant post in the first place. Oh, its 4.51pm, but guess what. I thought it was still 12pm+. Am I great or great? (:

Ok bye!

You know something ?

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I hate how you’re so unreasonable.

So ready to accuse others.

So caught up thinking you’re ALWAYS right.

So condemning of me.

But, I will NOT let you ruin my otherwise perfectly awesome day.

Thank God for Mama, Darius, Darren, Aunty and the rest of my awesome friends.

NO thanks to you. Continue living in your perfectionist world.


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September holidays started alr , but it doesnt seem like a holiday anyway. Quoted from Constance ‘ Since when did we have a holiday? ‘ Totally agree. Econs lecture this morning , waste of time sia since I left my lecture book in the locker so couldn’t study for timed practice. Ended up standing at the back even though we were punctual and on time =.=

Went to eat at the coffeeshop opp. school after , and me , Bijal and Linda got chased out of the coffeeshop since we bought bubbletea and ‘no outside food allowed’. so we ended up walking around the blocks , buying the 20cents rubber balls form the machines , playing at the playground and relieving childhood memories. Long time since I did that , Bijal is really like a kid hahahaha super fun!

had mission x after that. i think i screwed up damn badly haizxzxz ): but its over so yay for that.

went home to take blades, met jasmine + siaochabo + abi at bedok inter and went to ecp. wah i fell down the slope AGAIN. and my sprained finger was almost healed , now another casualty on my right hand. got some enourmous scratches on my palm which is hurting like mad now. i can’t even straighten my hand properly so I guess I’ll be handicapped for afew more days. ):

but awesome fun with the rest today! thanks isaac + andrew for helping me to move faster / slack by letting me hold your bicycle’s handlebars hehehe. going at 30km/h not bad uh (:

i am hungryyyyyyy. oh desiree is happy today (:

pain pain pain

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I feel like crying ):

my little finger on my right hand is hurting like mad now. this is another point that proves i dont have a fate with most ball games. first , i fell down during basketball. then , i cant even kick a soccer ball properly. then today, during captain’s ball , i sprained my finger. ):

at first i thought it was nothing ok. and i really hope its not a fracture or what, which i highly doubt so because i can still move it , its just very painful .

BUT STILL. i feel like a handicapped person. and especially cos im a right hander i cant do much now. cant do homework , cant write, cannot hold pen properly. i even had difficulty opening the locker and eating dinner. ):

huhhhhh i really feel like crying the pain is madness lah ):

When the rain is pouring down,

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DSC02244I want to eat HipHopJellllllyyyyyyyy

I love days like today where I can sleep until 12+. Hehe you guessed it , I just woke up. And I feel like sleeping again. No thanks to the awesome weather, its gna rain and its super cold and gives me a nice feeling. (:

Today’s Rebekah Dearie’s birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING I LOVE YOU! (L) Enjoy today alright (:

I wanted to blog but I forgot what I did these past few days. Mmm

My brother’s cell had a BBQ downstairs my house on Saturday, and being the kaypoh me, I went to see see. Then, I ended up playing zhong ji mi ma the whole night, because there was too much food and they couldn’t finish. And I kena-ed alot of watermelons + otah, so that was my dinner that night. Fun though , my brother’s cell people are super funny and lame.(:

Sunday was just slack/study the whole day, and sleeping also.

Yesterday was Teacher’s Day Celebration, which was okay lah, but I couldn’t see anything so I mostly stoned the whole time. Me and Constance went back to SAC to collect yearbook and we bumped into Mdm Chan, who asked us whether we wanted to give motivational talks. Hahaha. Ms Martens remembered my name =o Saw a few other people as well , Tricia , Sarah Fun and my PM juniors! Gna go back really soon. I miss SAC to the max , JC life’s so different ):

Met darlings in the evening at 85 to eat dinner! Finally saw Vanessa after like how many thousand years. Haha Dewaine and Bear came along too , but Constance couldn’t make it ): Super fun time , (L) Vanessa and Dewaine! (: Dinner again soon alright!

K, gna study today!:D It started raining alr , I should go now. Hehe bye! :D