There’ll never be forever,

Hi. I havent posted here for a week.

Recently , I prefer spending time in school because it helps me forget many things. Although the workload is still horrendous and I havent started revising despite Promos being afew weeks away.

Yesterday was fun! Met Joanna in the afternoon at TM. Went to eat and buy Bubbletea , and we wanted to study at Tampines Library , but guess what. We spent the entire time camwhoring and didnt manage to study at all. Ohmannn this will not happen again. =/ Anyway , we had loads of fun lah , unfortunately her camera ran out of battery halfway so we couldn’t take more pictures.

Uploaded half of them in Facebook alr , lazy to upload the other half , so when I do , then I do la. (: Aft taking like 40+ pictures , Joanna came to my church! It was Radical’09 , and it was awesomeeeeeee to the max. :D Brings back fond memories eh , when Olivia , Eunice and I were on Radical duty last year , and how much fun we had during reharsals , and how we went high on the actual day. (:

The true meaning of Compassion , its different from what I used to perceive it to be. But now I know , and its gna be real in my life. (:

School is starting tomorrow again.. OH OH OH. I just saw Super Junior’s new MV and Donghae is so hot ok. Cant stand it hehe :D So cuteeeee. K , enough.

Deep in thought now , bye. (:

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