It’ll never be goodbye.

Today was Safra Bay Run 09 in the morning , then studying with Constance + the guys at the airport , and it was also sending Rubez off day.

By now , she’ll be on the plane to Norway already. And I’ll only get to see her physically again 10 months later. Rubez Chong , if you’re reaing this , you know what I have to say to you. I’ve said it all in the card , the poem , the sms. But strangely , I feel as though I still have alot to say to you.

You’ve really been a genuine friend to me all these years. And you’re the first , the most significant best friend I could ever ask for. I can’t thank God enough for puttint you into my life , and I really couldn’t control anymore.

When I saw you tearing at the airport just now , the tears started to flow as well. And they have never stopped right up till now. The photoframe you gave me , everytime I look at it , the tears just come all over again. Its only been afew hours , but I miss you like mad already.

Looking forward to your msg/email. God bless , and I really love you.<3

P.S Constance , dont be sad anymore alright (:

P.S.S Zhao Loong , Kuang Jie , Reuben ; Thanks for being there just now . I know you guys didnt have any idea what to do when you saw me crying just now , but thanks for your concern , your msges , and just being there. Sorry for making you guys worry .

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