It feels so natural to be here with you ,


Its National Day today , so Happy National Day to anyone reading this , and Happy birthday Singapore! :D Although I doubt anyone reads my blog .

Went to watch fireworks with Niq , PS , Zl and Constance just now. Fireworks were awesome much , but the temperature and crowds ruined part of it ):

The first time I saw soooo many ppl in one place. And I never had to queue up to cross the road before. But oh well , once a year is okay I guess. (:

I miss the days when I was a kid and we were learning how to sing National Day songs in school. Then when the actual celebration came we would all dance and sing loudly. Thats all in the past , now no more happy + carefree + worry-free life anymore. Hehe.

Gna rack my brains to write a special poem/song/C.O.W for somebody now (: Hehe. Tmr can sleep in again yayyyzxzxz (:

3 Responses to “It feels so natural to be here with you ,”

  1. CHARISSA Says:

    I ReaD YOUR BLOG !

  2. makeasimplewish Says:

    HAHA EH. Of course lah , whats my blog passwords for ? (:

  3. HAHA ! lols.

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