Yesterday was Thanksgiving Concert in school , so no formal lessons! :D

Got woken up by Kwan Pingsee at 10+ , met the rest at Parkway Parade for lunch , then back to Bijal’s house. I cant play tennis for nuts lah , kept missing. Played for a while , then slacked in Bijal’s room while Pingsee and Niq went downstairs to shower. Her house damn nice k!

Cabbed to school because Bijal had to go for her CCC thing , which she didnt go for in the end. Walked around school looking at the booths , fun but we didnt play anything hahaha. Oh , we stole some lightsticks from ODAC booth , but I broke one when we were stoning in the assembly plaza. So I had yellow hands for a while (:

Thanksgiving Concert was awesome , everybody was damn high. And the performances very cute also. Haha especially Super Mario and Sonic. Aft Thanksgiving concert , went for dinner/supper at Macs with class people. Dapao-ed then sat at the coffeeshop and ate. Constance’s Dad sent us home aft that . (:

And I am happy happy happy happy! :D

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