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Fireflies light up the sky.

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Donghae is so hotttttttt <3

There’ll never be forever,

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Hi. I havent posted here for a week.

Recently , I prefer spending time in school because it helps me forget many things. Although the workload is still horrendous and I havent started revising despite Promos being afew weeks away.

Yesterday was fun! Met Joanna in the afternoon at TM. Went to eat and buy Bubbletea , and we wanted to study at Tampines Library , but guess what. We spent the entire time camwhoring and didnt manage to study at all. Ohmannn this will not happen again. =/ Anyway , we had loads of fun lah , unfortunately her camera ran out of battery halfway so we couldn’t take more pictures.

Uploaded half of them in Facebook alr , lazy to upload the other half , so when I do , then I do la. (: Aft taking like 40+ pictures , Joanna came to my church! It was Radical’09 , and it was awesomeeeeeee to the max. :D Brings back fond memories eh , when Olivia , Eunice and I were on Radical duty last year , and how much fun we had during reharsals , and how we went high on the actual day. (:

The true meaning of Compassion , its different from what I used to perceive it to be. But now I know , and its gna be real in my life. (:

School is starting tomorrow again.. OH OH OH. I just saw Super Junior’s new MV and Donghae is so hot ok. Cant stand it hehe :D So cuteeeee. K , enough.

Deep in thought now , bye. (:

It’ll never be goodbye.

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Today was Safra Bay Run 09 in the morning , then studying with Constance + the guys at the airport , and it was also sending Rubez off day.

By now , she’ll be on the plane to Norway already. And I’ll only get to see her physically again 10 months later. Rubez Chong , if you’re reaing this , you know what I have to say to you. I’ve said it all in the card , the poem , the sms. But strangely , I feel as though I still have alot to say to you.

You’ve really been a genuine friend to me all these years. And you’re the first , the most significant best friend I could ever ask for. I can’t thank God enough for puttint you into my life , and I really couldn’t control anymore.

When I saw you tearing at the airport just now , the tears started to flow as well. And they have never stopped right up till now. The photoframe you gave me , everytime I look at it , the tears just come all over again. Its only been afew hours , but I miss you like mad already.

Looking forward to your msg/email. God bless , and I really love you.<3

P.S Constance , dont be sad anymore alright (:

P.S.S Zhao Loong , Kuang Jie , Reuben ; Thanks for being there just now . I know you guys didnt have any idea what to do when you saw me crying just now , but thanks for your concern , your msges , and just being there. Sorry for making you guys worry .

Grateful to you ,

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On this day of your life, Desiree, we believe God wants you to know…
… that it is time to finally forgive yourself.
You’ve carried the guilt, the shame for long enough. You’ve kept your wounds open for long enough. The time has to come to let go, to heal. Keep the lessons and let the pain heal. Yes, you know what we are talking about it.
Facebook knows me so well huh. True true true. Plus point number 2.

Now Its Time To Say Goodbye,

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I’ve found a reason to let go , completely and surely. Is this what you’re trying to tell me , God ?

That its finally time to let go ?

If it is , then I will.

Tonight shall be the last night I’ll think of you. The last time I’ll ever feel sad because of you again.

Time to fly free. But then again , I need to do some thinking.

And most importantly , I need to come to terms with myself. And then , I need to recover.

Thanks Vanessa (: <3

It feels so natural to be here with you ,

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Its National Day today , so Happy National Day to anyone reading this , and Happy birthday Singapore! :D Although I doubt anyone reads my blog .

Went to watch fireworks with Niq , PS , Zl and Constance just now. Fireworks were awesome much , but the temperature and crowds ruined part of it ):

The first time I saw soooo many ppl in one place. And I never had to queue up to cross the road before. But oh well , once a year is okay I guess. (:

I miss the days when I was a kid and we were learning how to sing National Day songs in school. Then when the actual celebration came we would all dance and sing loudly. Thats all in the past , now no more happy + carefree + worry-free life anymore. Hehe.

Gna rack my brains to write a special poem/song/C.O.W for somebody now (: Hehe. Tmr can sleep in again yayyyzxzxz (:


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Yesterday was Thanksgiving Concert in school , so no formal lessons! :D

Got woken up by Kwan Pingsee at 10+ , met the rest at Parkway Parade for lunch , then back to Bijal’s house. I cant play tennis for nuts lah , kept missing. Played for a while , then slacked in Bijal’s room while Pingsee and Niq went downstairs to shower. Her house damn nice k!

Cabbed to school because Bijal had to go for her CCC thing , which she didnt go for in the end. Walked around school looking at the booths , fun but we didnt play anything hahaha. Oh , we stole some lightsticks from ODAC booth , but I broke one when we were stoning in the assembly plaza. So I had yellow hands for a while (:

Thanksgiving Concert was awesome , everybody was damn high. And the performances very cute also. Haha especially Super Mario and Sonic. Aft Thanksgiving concert , went for dinner/supper at Macs with class people. Dapao-ed then sat at the coffeeshop and ate. Constance’s Dad sent us home aft that . (:

And I am happy happy happy happy! :D