Ice Cream Madness , (:


I really cannot wait for the weekends to come cos as each week passes , the more old and tired I feel. Today was the only day out of the whole week that I came back at 6+. Monday , Tuesday , and yesterday , I’ve been reaching home at like 8+ , 9+ , because of school. And I really am emotionally , physically and mentally drained.

Ok , so today was fine , even though Thursday’s timetable sucks the most. To add on , we had GP ‘night’ which was actually straight after school. But GP lesson wasn’t that boring today. Actually it was kind of fun , because disturbing Ah Ben and Bijal v entertaining (: Hahaha. Without PingSee , Ms Kwan loves to call me. But yay , I could answer most of her questions , especially during group discussion. Hehe.

Aft school was super funny. Me , Constance and Bijal were walking out of school , when we heard this ringing sound. Realised there was this ice cream vendor somewhere in the vicinity , so we walked arnd trying to find the source of the bell. And Bijal was hilarious , once she spotted the man she started half – running towards the vendor. So we all bought ice cream and were so contented , like small kids. Bijal got high aft eating the ice cream and she went crazy on the bus. Mad lah. But fun :D:D Hehe , thanks Bijal for making my day , I was quite sad the whole day until the end , where you made me laugh (:

I know I have alot of catching up to do. 6 weeks more , but I dont feel any urgency at all. Hm. I still love school , no matter how tired I am at the end of the day. Oh , and writing poems and songs have been my drugs for stress relief these few days. Sorry , they’re mostly private. But if you want , ask me (:

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