The Four Seats


The dark grey skies shed large drops of tears , also known as raindrops , which slowly fell to the earth , the pavements , roads and grass. As the drops of water splashed onto the surface of the earth , they were accompanied by a giant symphony , the crashing of thunder , flashing of lightning . What a accompaniment. She left the house with a pink umbrella in her hand,  to shield her from the rain. As her feet connected with the ground , it sent raindrops splashing everywhere. How she loved rainy days. She waited at the sheltered bus stop , waited for the bus that would soon come. As she heard the rumbling of vehicle wheels , she smiled to herself , and folded her umbrella.

As she stepped onto the bus , safe from the surrounding rain and wind , she looked around her. The warmth of the bus enveloped her . As her fingers closed around the familiar railing at the side of the bus , she trained her eyes in front of her. There were four seats , all of them occupied. Her eyes started from the left.

She saw a child. A small boy playing his PSP , without a care in the world. He had no problems in his life , he looked forward to everyday ahead of him. It was just pure fun , laughter , and joy. Sweet innocence was all that filled his mind , he did not have to worry about the world until he was much older. She smiled to herself , looking at the small child , how she wanted a life similar to his. She wanted to be free from worries that engulfed her everyday.

Her eyes moved to the person sitting next to the child , a teenager in his school uniform , on his way to school. He was listening to his iPod , legs stretched out , looking relaxed. But who knows what was going on in his mind ? Her thoughts went back to when she was a teenager herself. The most exciting , yet most heartbreaking moments in her life. When she went to school , made new friends , enjoyed herself . When she met her first love , and experiencing that sweet bliss. Once again , she smiled. Then she thought of how she failed in her studies , failed her parents’ expectations of her , broke up with her boyfriend. The memories came flooding back , each memory stronger and a stab deeper into her heart each time. She opened her eyes , halting the thoughts of her past.

Next was an ordinary working woman like her. She could see dark rings beneath the woman’s eyes.This woman , reminded her so much of herself. After graduating , she had started working. Everyday was just a routine , going to work , coming home , sleeping , repeating that cycle. Life was incredulously mundane for her. She was tired of the working world , the politics going on around her , of life itself. She hardly took a break , simply because she never could find the time. She was waiting for the day when all of this would end , when she could truly experience what her perception of life was. Relaxation , carefree , happy moments. She let out a soft sigh.

The last in the row was an elderly woman. As she focused her eyes on the woman’s face , she could see wrinkles. This face was weathered throughout the years , and she could see tiredness in the woman’s eyes. She had gone through the different stages of life , from a child , to a teenager and then to an adult and presently. She wondered what it would be like when she was going to be like this elderly woman. Would she be free from her troubles? Or would she be so immersed in everything that she would be a bitter old woman ? That was not what she wanted to be. She crossed her fingers , hopefully.

Dingdong! The bell made her snap back into reality , away from her thoughts. It was time for her to alight. As she exited the bus , she thought of the four people once again. Life was unexplainable , and she should make the most out of it. She smiled , opened her umbrella , and walked into the rain.

P.s Hehehehe enjoy (: I was bored.

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