Seek and you will find ,

Sword Xchange today! Ohman , Im still in the middle of memorising the verses. ):

I love fridays out of the five weekdays the best , because classes end the earliest. Ytd , there was no chinese , so we went to Hougang Mall to eat. Lunched at LJS , didnt eat there for how long alr lah. (:

Went back to school for CCA. I am proud of myself kay , I had terrible cramps so I couldnt run much. And we were supposed to run consecutively for 1hour. And I ran/walked with Yijie and Vivian. In the end we clocked 6/7km (: Yay. I feel my leg muscles coming back again! Will Run’s next wednesday! So fast lah , I have yet to train.

Anyway , aft CCA , went for dinner with Constance , ZL , Reuben and Nicholas. Joanna had training until super late , so she couldnt join us. Niq needed to go pass stuff to Elysebeth , so me and Constance accompanied him. This is the first time I went to Elysebeth’s house lah. No thanks to Niq for scaring me multiple times along the way. Elybseth’s dogs super cute! Jack and Missy. + She has one super fat aggressive rabbit. Haha.

Reached home arnd 10+. I seriously need more sleep. ):

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