After all that’s been said and done ,

These few days , lots of things happened. Cant believe its Monday and I’m already feeling so lifeless and dead. School is really sucking out all the energy from me. When’s all this gna end ? ): But of course , the lovely friends around me make things bearable. If not I would feel like dying , seriously.

Anyway , my mind has gone through deep thinking and analysing , and I realise that I’m fearing. Fearing a repeat of history. I’m not exactly sure what , but I really dont want everything to repeat itself. Gone through the trauma and emotions once , never want to experience it again. Terrrrrribleeee feelings are starting to emmerge , and I dont know whats the cause of this. So dont ask me. ):

Wait till I figure everything out , then maybe I won’t feel so depressed and horrible. This is another one of my angst-y life reviews again. Go away soooon. ):

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