Tell me where do I find ,

I got sent home today! Because my temperature was above 37.6 . In the morning , I took , it was 36.7 , then in school , 37.4 , when it came to the second temperature taking , it suddenly became 37.7. Me and Constance had similar temperatures , so we got sent home. Hehe , went to eat Tau Huay , then bused home. Im sure there’s something really wrong with the Forehead Thermometer. Super inaccurate , because Im sure my temperature cant fluctuate and increase so rapidly in such a short period of time.

Anyway , got an MC for tomorrow as well. Need time to heal emotionally.

Still not used to the fact that I failed 5 out of 6 papers for MYE. U-grade all somemore. So currently , I have 0 out of 90 points. If I fail GP , I am a goner. Actually , I alr am. Which loser gets 0 points out of 90 ?! Anyway , my heart is aching so much that I wont talk abt that anymore. Tmr shall be therapy day.


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