I’m so lost without you,

Air Supply songs are kinda nice. (:

Anyway , went blading with Nicholas , PingSee , Reuben and Zhao Loong today. I WAS THE EARLIEST. This is the first time I was the first to reach okay. Downside was that the stupid cab fare cost me TEN DOLLARS. Because the stupid me made the mistake of taking some express cab , that started with an initial fare of 5 dollars. Stop laughing now ok.

So soon Niq came , and while waiting for the rest , he bought me 70 cents ice cream , cos he lost in scissors paper stone HAHAHA. Unfortunately , the ice cream was melting horribly , and it was so hard to eat it cos it was just dripping and dripping. So I gave up and threw it away after eating half of it. Hehe. The rest came , rented blades and we bladed until the food place there. I FELL ONCE ): While trying to go down the stairs. I think I tripped on my own legs , then I fell. Eeeeee , I wasnt acting cute ok , Kong Zhao Loong. (:

Along the way , I saw Elaine twice. Once on the way to the food place. Then the second while the guys were returning their blades. Hahaha. So aft blading , we went to slack at Macs. Saw Wanxin , Wesley and the rest there , Wesley brought home my blades for me thank you!:D Left with Niq , cabbed to Whitesands to meet Rubez Chong.

MRT-ed to TM to meet Anna , Oli , Eunice and Daniel. Omgzx , I was AN HOUR LATE. Miscommunication ahahaha. (: Ate , then walked around Watsons/Guardian . And bus-ed home with Eunice aft that. :D

CAMP’s IN 2 DAYS! I cant wait ahahaha. But I havent packed yetttttt.=/ Rbrbrbrbrbrbrb? I dno ehhhhh help ):

One Response to “I’m so lost without you,”

  1. Omgz, I likey Air Supply too! HAHA.

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