Back and forth ,

120px-Strawberries_with_hulls_-_scanIm craving strawberries again !

Went to buy Pingsee’s blades today! (: Met Constance in the morning and cabbed to sch to pass up her econs homework. I think the school is undergoing some renovation , there’s like canvas everywhere. Then met the guys and went to eat/drink Taohuay.

Ended up playing pool for 3 hours . Super super fun la , I remember the last time I played pool was in Bintan with Charissa last year. HAHAHA. I still suck at it , but what matters is I had tremendous fun :D Ate at PizzaHut after that , I am seriously BROKE. KuangJie owes me $13 yay (:

Please remind me to stop eating out from now on ): At this rate , Im gna have serious shortage of money and you guys have to donate to my fund when the time comes . Ahaha , went to Sportslink to buy Pingsee’s blades , then took 81 home with Constance.

I have yet to do EOM , my brain is dead and cannot think of anymore ideas. And tmr is EOM day. ): I feel like eating cheese. Hehe , shall go find food now.

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