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Tell me where do I find ,

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I got sent home today! Because my temperature was above 37.6 . In the morning , I took , it was 36.7 , then in school , 37.4 , when it came to the second temperature taking , it suddenly became 37.7. Me and Constance had similar temperatures , so we got sent home. Hehe , went to eat Tau Huay , then bused home. Im sure there’s something really wrong with the Forehead Thermometer. Super inaccurate , because Im sure my temperature cant fluctuate and increase so rapidly in such a short period of time.

Anyway , got an MC for tomorrow as well. Need time to heal emotionally.

Still not used to the fact that I failed 5 out of 6 papers for MYE. U-grade all somemore. So currently , I have 0 out of 90 points. If I fail GP , I am a goner. Actually , I alr am. Which loser gets 0 points out of 90 ?! Anyway , my heart is aching so much that I wont talk abt that anymore. Tmr shall be therapy day.


We’re no strangers to love ,

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Phase Number One is over.

Now’s time for Phase Number Two.

Go Desiree , you can do it (:

This melody’s too familiar ,

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Yesterday was a success yay! :D

Time passes fast when you’re enjoying what you’re doing right ? Thank God that ZL , ZL’s friend , Reuben and Constance came , and most importantly , they enjoyed it. (: I was so afraid they would zhao in the middle of the thing , but thankfully they didnt.

And I got to know more Gluefish people! Desmond , we were IC of the Henna booth. And hes v funny and nice la . Special offer thing ahaha! And Mark , with the super foreign accent. Talked more to the other Gluefish guys also , Sam was a terrorist for the day , because of his cap. Aft the game , Brightside played. And they were awesome! :D

OH . And halfway in the middle of the programme , WESLEY CALLED. But we were all busy , so couldnt talk to him much. Wesley , faster come back from NS , we all miss you lots! :D Ya , packed up , then bused home. I was so tired , I wanted to on the computer to check my email , but I ended up stoning at the screen for half an hour. Ahahahaha.

This two weeks has been , fulfilling. (: And I enjoyed every single moment of it. Happy alr (:

If only there were only both of us left ,

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These few days have been super draining , but fulfilling for me (:

Wednesday and today was meeting for combined bridging event. I really really hope it goes well. Thank God that ZL , Reuben and Constance are cominggg! :D I really hope they enjoy it la. Have faithhh (:

Yesterday was Worship TeamGathering. Had 2 review tests , I think I can pass! Cos I asked Philemon for lots of clues. And I remembered what we were supposed to learn ok. Except the verses part. That one we were discussing (: Me and Eunice were in charge of games , but in the end , Band Review dragged too long , and there was no time for our awesomely – planned games. But there’ll be other chances la (: Just that our brain juices were wasted thinking of the games and preparing. Haha , but its alright , Band Review more impt (:

Hehe. I still miss campppp alottt. Cant wait for next year. :D

Seeking You wholeheartedly.

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I enjoyed it so much , and I really feel like doing a detailed post on the past 4 days , but I’m really super extra tired now. WnI was aweeeesome , and so was workshops by Dr Phillip(?). Doing PA duty with Joel Tan is fun man, (:

And and and , my group got SECOND.  ABIEZER ABIEZER ALL THE WAY! (:

Lastly , thank God for His awesomeness , wonderfulness , and presence beside me all the while . From today onwards , Desiree is gna try to be a changed person. (: LG,LO.

Hehe , gna go sleep now , I’m sleep – deprived (:

I’m so lost without you,

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Air Supply songs are kinda nice. (:

Anyway , went blading with Nicholas , PingSee , Reuben and Zhao Loong today. I WAS THE EARLIEST. This is the first time I was the first to reach okay. Downside was that the stupid cab fare cost me TEN DOLLARS. Because the stupid me made the mistake of taking some express cab , that started with an initial fare of 5 dollars. Stop laughing now ok.

So soon Niq came , and while waiting for the rest , he bought me 70 cents ice cream , cos he lost in scissors paper stone HAHAHA. Unfortunately , the ice cream was melting horribly , and it was so hard to eat it cos it was just dripping and dripping. So I gave up and threw it away after eating half of it. Hehe. The rest came , rented blades and we bladed until the food place there. I FELL ONCE ): While trying to go down the stairs. I think I tripped on my own legs , then I fell. Eeeeee , I wasnt acting cute ok , Kong Zhao Loong. (:

Along the way , I saw Elaine twice. Once on the way to the food place. Then the second while the guys were returning their blades. Hahaha. So aft blading , we went to slack at Macs. Saw Wanxin , Wesley and the rest there , Wesley brought home my blades for me thank you!:D Left with Niq , cabbed to Whitesands to meet Rubez Chong.

MRT-ed to TM to meet Anna , Oli , Eunice and Daniel. Omgzx , I was AN HOUR LATE. Miscommunication ahahaha. (: Ate , then walked around Watsons/Guardian . And bus-ed home with Eunice aft that. :D

CAMP’s IN 2 DAYS! I cant wait ahahaha. But I havent packed yetttttt.=/ Rbrbrbrbrbrbrb? I dno ehhhhh help ):

Back and forth ,

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120px-Strawberries_with_hulls_-_scanIm craving strawberries again !

Went to buy Pingsee’s blades today! (: Met Constance in the morning and cabbed to sch to pass up her econs homework. I think the school is undergoing some renovation , there’s like canvas everywhere. Then met the guys and went to eat/drink Taohuay.

Ended up playing pool for 3 hours . Super super fun la , I remember the last time I played pool was in Bintan with Charissa last year. HAHAHA. I still suck at it , but what matters is I had tremendous fun :D Ate at PizzaHut after that , I am seriously BROKE. KuangJie owes me $13 yay (:

Please remind me to stop eating out from now on ): At this rate , Im gna have serious shortage of money and you guys have to donate to my fund when the time comes . Ahaha , went to Sportslink to buy Pingsee’s blades , then took 81 home with Constance.

I have yet to do EOM , my brain is dead and cannot think of anymore ideas. And tmr is EOM day. ): I feel like eating cheese. Hehe , shall go find food now.