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You dont know what my tears are for ,

Posted in Uncategorized on May 1, 2009 by makeasimplewish

Went out with Wanxin buddy and Daniel today! :D And we finally went to eat Kenny Rogers! (:

Met Buddy in the morning and went to Danny’s house. We played L4D! :D Finally , that game is such a thriller ok. I killed so many boomers + smokers + tanks and other disgusting zombies ahaha so proud of myself. Then , Daniel showed us the pictures from Australia. I so wna go there now ok. Hahaha.

Aft that we trained to Cityhall , went to Marina Square and ate lunch+dinner at KR. The fooood so niceeee but its so filling so I couldnt finish. Oops. Walked  arnd and ate icecream at Swensons , then MRT-ed home. Daniel’s such a desperate guy okay! Aiyoo , Australia has changed him. Sigh. But today was really fun ahaha! :D Thanks buddy for your treat , promise when we go out next time that it’ll be my treat k (: And I kind of like classical music now. High Society is nice. (:

Confusing confusing confusing confusing confusing confusing.