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We’ll write a song that turns out the lights ,

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Haha today was the start of MYE. And it really doesnt feel like exams ahaha. Had chinese and GP today . AND OF ALL DAYS , I forgot to bring my thermometer AGAIN. I took it out of my bag last night and forgot to put it back. Im so forgetful haish.

First paper was chinese , I really wasnt in the mood to do . Ahaha I hope I pass. I have never passed chinese before , so if I do it’ll be a miracle. hehehehe. At least I understood what Ying Tao is ok! Peach right? (: The passage was on peach trees . ahahaha. I tried to sleep because I had half an hour more before the time was up , but strangely I couldnt fall asleep at all.

After the paper , Constance , Reuben , Kuangjie , Zhao Loong , Zhiming,  Pingsee and I went to Hougang Mall. Sat at the Kopitiam but I didnt even study much since GP was next and I left all my notes in the locker. Ate at Pastamania , then bused back to school.

OHOH , something extremely funny happened before the GP paper. Zhao Loong was trying to play the ‘ your hand is as big as your face ‘ trick on me , but obviously I knew it la. So I repeated it back to him and he actually went to put his hand next to his face. And I smacked him , hard. Ooops , sorry best friend! I didnt mean it , but its really very funny ok HAHAHAHAHA.

GP essay was next , I made up my own examples again as usual , with the help of geog knowledge ahaaha. And for the compre , I finished it in 45 minutes , and slept the next 45 minutes. The first time I slept so much for a paper. Was woken up by the bell , and I slept on my arms so there were red patches all over. Haha.

Met Joanna after the paper , and we bused to Hougang Mall again. This Joanna uh , so forgetful ok. She left her pencil case with her EZ link card in it ON THE FLOOR below her locker ahahaha , so we went back to get it. Haha! Ate at LJS , then bused home. (:

And Im so tired , so Im gna sleep early ! Then tmr wake up early go study with the rest at Macs. Hehe econs tmr , I think Im not gna continue making my notes alr. Too lazy. Hehe Im happy today! Compared to the last few days. Yayyy =]


Protected: It all crashes down again , right?

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Some things are meant to be,

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I did something productive today! :D

Met Pingsee in the afternoon at Serangoon MRT , then walked to Macdonalds. She ordered her meal wrongly la HAHA. Zhao Loong and KuangJie came then we started studying. And and and , I managed to study all the way until hotspots ok! Be proud of me everybody :D This means that I only have 1 and 1/4 books left to study for Geography. Hahaha.

Hehe , I didnt go school this whole week. But I did study ok! Yst I studied Econs , only got Price Ceiling and Price Floor left , then Im done with econs ahaha. I feel very accomplished. (: But dno how long this will last.

Anyway , Cant Help Falling In Love is such a nice songggg , I know its old , but still! :D

These few days I’ve been ridiculously happy. Good or bad thing?

Pass it on , pass it on

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God is truly AMAZING.

Its a wonder how God speaks to you through those around you. Thank God for Wanxin Buddy , who shared this video with me. Its really inspirational and it speaks to me. My current situation , everything I’ve been feeling , its all portrayed in that video. I want to spread the joy and encouragement , so go ahead and click that video , its lifechanging really (:

Last night Danny was just telling me how I shld use the current situation as a platform to help others who are in the same dilemma as me , because I can understand and relate to them. I was doubtful because , since I alr had my own set of problems , why should I care abt others? But now , its really a 360degree turn , helping people and seeing them happy is so fulfilling. A sense of joy and happiness. And I really cant express how Im feeling right now.

How can someone who has been feeling so down and emotionally wrecked , be cured in just minutes? Unbelievable right? But with God , nothing is impossible. I really havent felt like this in a long while. And Im glad , Im really glad.

Thank you buddy , thank you God <3 So so much.

Is there any link ?

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I hate being sick!

Ever since Saturday I’ve been having flu , cough and sore throat. I thought it would get better , but it got worse instead. Sigh. When I woke up today , I was feeling fine , but after I walked back into my room , I sudenly felt this super strong bout of nausea. So in the end , I didnt go to school. Haha.

Followed my brother to the doctor , because he needed an MC too. And I was forced to wear this stupid mask , because I had symptoms of Swine Flu. And I had to declare my symptoms too. So serious ): There was one part where the doctor asked me if I wanted an MC for tomorrow as well , and I shook my head. I dont know what I was thinking then , now I sort of regret. Hmm , see how la. My brain always doesnt function properly when Im outside.

I feel weird not going to school. Hmmm.

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A rose that wont bloom ,

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Just came back from rollerblading! :D Such a long time since I last rollerbladed ok. But surprisingly I DIDNT FALL DOWN TODAY YAY!:D

After school , Constance , Zhao Loong , Kuang Jie , Reuben and I went opp the school to eat at the coffeeshop. But as usual the prataman wasnt there , so Constance couldn’t eat her prata. So we ordered drinks , then the man put this bottle of white particles on the table. We all thought it was salt so Constance went to add one whole spoonful to her milk tea. But it turned out to be salt and then the milk tea tasted super disgusting. Hahahaha.

Went back to school to take our blades and meet Renjie , then took bus to ECP. Managed to convince Zhao Loong and Reuben to blade with us! :D And now they can blade yay :D Haha , the whole time I was laughing like mad cos of the way Zhao Loong was blading la v funny. Plus the times they fell down ! But not bad la , when I first started I fell down ALOT. Until my brother couldnt stand me and refused to go blading with me. Hehehe , after blading we returned the blades then went to Macs to eat :D Zhao Loong was being so childish please.

Constance’s Dad came so we had to go , there was a major jam , so I took bus home halfway. Hehe.

Anyway todays so fun! :D But MYES coming , so must start studying. ): Hahahaha.