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Protected: I dont know how You found me ,

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Thats why she let him go ,

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I am so boreddd now ):

Supposed to go blading with Constance , ZL and Niq before church , but sadly , my mother didnt allow me to. So Im stuck at home now , while waiting for 3+ to come so I can get out of the house. Its really so boringggg , I need to go out. (:

Hehehe. Yesterday Niq was telling Constance and I ghost stories on the way back from Bishan Interchange , and I still can rmb all of them. And I wonder why I get so scared easily. =/ Ok , Im gna find something more productive to do. Hehe bye!

Protected: ‘Concerned’ is just a word.

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Fly far and be free ,

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Yesterday was class outing and picnic at Clarke Quay , then dinner at Astons which I couldnt finish my food , sorry Niq! =) Then , we sat at Istana Park telling ghost stories. And I got scared okay. Hahaha. Constance came for sleepover! And we reached home at around 12 midnight . (:

Today’s PW consultation lasted a grand total of 15 minutes HAHAHA. Went to eat lunch with the rest , then slacked in the study. We were the noisiest people there la ! Laughed like mad people ok. Pingsee , YOU VERY MEAN OK. :D Hahahaha. Then went to church for equipping session. (: And came home arnd 11pm.

Must try not to go out so much alr hehehe :D Anyway yay , today was so fun. HAHA.

All that’s left are memories ,

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The day we went back to SAC , 200509.

I really really miss SAC and the people there. Not to mention , I miss the past alot. But the past is the past right? Now’s time to move on and look forward.

I’m Sorry For Ever Loving You ,

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Today was blading with Dewaine , Constance , ZL , KJ and Pingsee. Havent had this much fun in a longgggg time , but I just got home and I’m really lazy to elaborate. Haha.

I love love love the awesome ppl arnd me , alot alot alot!:D

Im happy , for now :D

They say time will dry the tears,

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The weather’s so hot nowadays omg ):

I have a feeling Im gna do badly for today’s Econs paper , because I wasnt prepared for it at all. Oh well , its over. (:

Tomorrow’s history and maths and I should be studying but I dont have the mood at alllll. It doesnt help that I haven’t started on those two subjects at all. Sigh.

But on a lighter note , hehe , two more days till end of examsssss :D So fast la anyway , I cant wait for exams to be over! I wna go blading and do alot of stuffffff ahaha. (:

I typed this post because I was bored. Hahaha. Byeeee=]