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Now that you’re gone ,

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I just cleaned my table! :D Yay. It looks so clean and organised now. Just now , I plucked out all the wires from my old CPU to make space for the laptop cable. And now the floor doesnt look so messy anymore either. Yay yay (:

I heard that my mother’s sisters coming over for dinner later. And they’re bringing Tessa to stay for 2 weeks! :D Yay again because I miss Cola and I missed the time where Tessa stayed here. :D And she’s coming to stay again! Btw , Tessa’s my ahma’s dog , Papillon (?) (:

Jolene’s party on Friday was fun! Me and Rubez went aft CCA , and we drank buble tea at Potong Pasir while waiting for Esmond. So nice (: Hehe , I didnt know half of the people at the party , but it was awesome , excluding the fact that it was hot and I was dead tired. Hehe (: Cabbed home with Anna and Olivia aft that , reached home at 12+ . :D


Ahaha sch starts tmr again. Why must the weekends end so fast ): Oh well bbbbbzxz. (:

You’re the only one that I could live for,

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In troubled times its You I seek

I put You first thats all I need (:

Yay Im suddenly v high. Listening to One Way ahaha ! (:

I realised that every lecture theatre is freezing cold except LT1. I was dying frm cold in Econs Lecture today. Didnt help that I was so sleepy ahaha. Oh yea we had GP test today ahahaha. I wrote pure rubbish la , dont know what I was doing. 7 paragraphs of nonsense , I hope Mogey doesnt faint while marking my paper. Anyway , he did something very nice today , he let us off 15 minutes earlier. My face from =| became =D immediately. (:

Today seemed v short , aft lunch was Maths lecture. Pingsee is seriously very funny la. Sit next to her can laugh like siao. Constance and Zhao Loong were being weird during lecture today. Hahaha , and Constance was oblivious to it throughout the whole thing. V funny. =p

And I got 1 out of 5 for Econs test. AHAHAHHA. Must go see her for ‘consultation’ tomorrow. Hehe i hope she doesnt scold me. And my first draft for PW PI failed totally. Open the cover page, all I could see was red marks and crosses all over the page. Which was sad ): And 2nd draft is due next Monday no timeeeee laa ):

Tmr is Jolene’s party yay! Gg with Chong aft CCA (: Ahaha Im really tired I wna watch tv (:

Something special ,

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Today Mr Mark Wong treated 1A04 to Pizza , KFC and Macdonalds during lunch. Yayyyy so yummy , but I feel so fat now luh ):

Stayed back with Bijal , Zhao Loong , Reuben , Wesley and Kuang Jie for a while since i didnt have CCA today and Bijal made me stay back. Ahaha sat at the 3rd level study place , where we were supposed to study , but I ended up slacking and talking nonsense hehehe. And when all of them went off I went home. (:

On the way home , I saw this brother sharing potato chips with his little sister. And I saw this bird picking twigs from the ground to build a nest. So cute la , its stuff like these that make me realise theres so much more to appreciate in life , and I dont have to keep worrying about my minor minor minor problems.

Thank you God for showing me that I have to stop walloing in self-pity , and appreciate things around me. (: <3<3