Make it stopppp ,

I just reached home frm school! :D

Todays Friday yay yay (: But the sad thing is that I have lessons tmr morning , and chruch outing on Sunday. Which means I cant stay up late / sleep until afternoon ):

Okay nvm , I must not complain. Today I seemed to get caught by mostly all the teachers when I was stoning in their lessons. First was geography , where Mdm Nur asked me a question abt rocks , and I was stoning ok. So I randomly replied some answer and stared at her . HAHA. Then was history , where Mr Wong asked me to answer some question , but I didnt take note of it. So I stared back at him blankly and he had to repeat the question ahaha. Last was Mogey , but that wasnt really counted la. I was sleeping when he knocked on my table. I think more than once. Cause I was so extremely tired I slept in his class ahahaha.

And since I was suffering from tremendous muscle aches all over my body , I couldnt run for CCA today. Seems that alot of ppl are getting injuries from PE. Which is not a good thing ):

Then after CCA , decided to go Springtime Rhapsody (?) , this performing arts performance. Since it was free and Zhao Loong wanted to go. So in the end , me , Kuangjie and Zhaoloong + Joanna and her friend went to watch the performance. The guys were being so annoying throughout the entire thing la!

It ended at 8+ , so ended up taking 81 home with Niq and Lys. And Im so tired now . Theres lessons tmrrrrrrrrrr which starts at 8am! ): How sad can this be. But Im gna eat KFC with Wesley aft that yay (:

I just dont know how to handle some things. Why do I feel so helpless and uselessssss. But I dont think Im the only one.

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