Something special ,

Today Mr Mark Wong treated 1A04 to Pizza , KFC and Macdonalds during lunch. Yayyyy so yummy , but I feel so fat now luh ):

Stayed back with Bijal , Zhao Loong , Reuben , Wesley and Kuang Jie for a while since i didnt have CCA today and Bijal made me stay back. Ahaha sat at the 3rd level study place , where we were supposed to study , but I ended up slacking and talking nonsense hehehe. And when all of them went off I went home. (:

On the way home , I saw this brother sharing potato chips with his little sister. And I saw this bird picking twigs from the ground to build a nest. So cute la , its stuff like these that make me realise theres so much more to appreciate in life , and I dont have to keep worrying about my minor minor minor problems.

Thank you God for showing me that I have to stop walloing in self-pity , and appreciate things around me. (: <3<3

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