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Evermore my heart will sing ,

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Im so tired! :D Today was really fun hehe.

It was SR Olympics , so there was NO LESSONS (: You know how happy I am whenever there are no lessons? + SR Olympics was quite fun. Met Joanna and Bijal in the morning , bused to school and we were just on time! :D Sat down and watched ppl run , some guys can run like a bullet train ok! Zoom one time then gone alr. Aiyooo Im so jealous of them ahaha (: Then met Vivian and the rest at the PE office , to set up stuff for the Ninja Warrior thingy. Me and Vivian had to run arnd picking up the balls that the ppl kicked , cos our station was the soccer one. Then aft everyone finished we went to play by ourselves. Hehe , thanks to the nice guys who helped us carry goalposts/balls/other stuff. (:

Met Bijal and the rest and found out we didnt have to run 30x200m anymore. So we sat at gallery for the rest of the time and slacked and took pictures. V v v fun (: Watched cheerleading , some guys went crazy la hahaha. And I spotted Mr Tian and Mogey and Mark Wong run! And also the Bearbear so funny. Hahaha.

Finally we could go , so Constance , Nurul , Niq , Reuben , Zhao Loong , Damien and I went to Hougang Mall . Ate at KFC , then walked arnd. Ended up ‘playing’ at the playground upstairs. V fun la ahaha. (:

Then Constance came over to run ! The first time I ran 2.4km without stopping , so proud of myself yay yay (: Even though my timing sucked. But nvm I dont really care. Haha slacked at the gym doing stupid stuff. (: Then Constance came up , slacked somemore and she left.

I love today la super fun and slacky. I should start on my homework but I dont feel like doing . And my brother has Virtual Villagers on his phone I am so jealous ): He refuses to send to me . Eeeee.

So I pray for you ,

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Rest in peace , Darling. Im happy that you dont have to suffer anymore. Really , Im glad (: These 2 ++ years with you have been fantastic , and I dont regret buying you and Cher at all. You taught me what was the meaning of responsibility and commitment. Although you’re not here physically , you’ll always be in my heart forever. Other ppl may say you’re just a hamster. But to me you’re not just any hamster. You’re my hamster and I love you lots.

Anyway , Im feeling much better alr. (: Thanks all those who tried to cheer me up or offer advice , I really really appreciate it alot. But I know Lee’s somewhere better with no more suffering now , and that’s all I want for him.

Im so tiredddddd. I just reached home , its 8 + now. ): Today was history test , which I guarantee a fail. Because I totally wrote rubbish , my handwriting was so nice when I was supposed to be rushing out the 8 pargraphs , and I didnt include any details or dates at all. Great , Mark Wong gna be so disappointed with me. Hahah.

We had training today! But not actual training , we ran arnd playing scavanger hunt , which was super tiring but fun! We ran to the bookshop , then guardhouse , then 4th floor , then all the way back down to canteen which was on the 1st floor , and lastly locker. Guess what , the ‘prize’ was Linus’s locker. HAHAHA , when Yijie told me that I started laughing man. So now I know the code for my own locker + another locker ahaha. CCA is always fun with Yijie + Gang (: And now Reuben joined Runners Club too! :D Yay yay hahaha.

OH YEA , did I mention that we got our PW grouping today? My group rocks la , so unexpected. Pingsee , Constance , Christopher. Super nice combination la , + Im so happy that I know all of them quite well. (: Yayyyyyyyyy hahaha. So today was generally one of the good days. Not like there are alot , but oh well. Tomorrow Constance’s coming to the gym so we can train for 2.4km. (:

Mixed mixed mixed mixed.

Words cant change things ,

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But still I want to say ,

Lee , Im sorry. It was my mistake and I made you fall.

I pray that nothing will happen to you , that you aren’t suffering.

It really pains my heart to see you in this condition , and I really wish I could do something about it.

But I cant.

I dont want the same thing that happened 2 years ago to happen again.

The last heartbreak that I experienced , I dont want another one. ):

Im sorry , really.

Make it stopppp ,

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I just reached home frm school! :D

Todays Friday yay yay (: But the sad thing is that I have lessons tmr morning , and chruch outing on Sunday. Which means I cant stay up late / sleep until afternoon ):

Okay nvm , I must not complain. Today I seemed to get caught by mostly all the teachers when I was stoning in their lessons. First was geography , where Mdm Nur asked me a question abt rocks , and I was stoning ok. So I randomly replied some answer and stared at her . HAHA. Then was history , where Mr Wong asked me to answer some question , but I didnt take note of it. So I stared back at him blankly and he had to repeat the question ahaha. Last was Mogey , but that wasnt really counted la. I was sleeping when he knocked on my table. I think more than once. Cause I was so extremely tired I slept in his class ahahaha.

And since I was suffering from tremendous muscle aches all over my body , I couldnt run for CCA today. Seems that alot of ppl are getting injuries from PE. Which is not a good thing ):

Then after CCA , decided to go Springtime Rhapsody (?) , this performing arts performance. Since it was free and Zhao Loong wanted to go. So in the end , me , Kuangjie and Zhaoloong + Joanna and her friend went to watch the performance. The guys were being so annoying throughout the entire thing la!

It ended at 8+ , so ended up taking 81 home with Niq and Lys. And Im so tired now . Theres lessons tmrrrrrrrrrr which starts at 8am! ): How sad can this be. But Im gna eat KFC with Wesley aft that yay (:

I just dont know how to handle some things. Why do I feel so helpless and uselessssss. But I dont think Im the only one.

You left before I had the chance to say ,

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I am aching everywhere. My ribcage , arms and legs. Especially my legs. Its a killer everytime I walk up or down the stairs. I feel so crippled okay! Hope it goes away cos theres training tmrrrrrrr. ):

This week was bombarded with tests. Okay not really la , hmm only maths test and econs test. But still , there seems to be tests every week , irritating ok. I seriously cannot cram everything into my small brain ): And we got back history essay test , which I failed ahahaha. The first thing I noticed on the paper was the gigantic U grade. Eeeeee. This makes it the second history test I failed so farrr.

Oh yea! Today Mdm Poh was absent so Mr __ ( i forgot his name oops ) taught us instead. HAHA hes so lame and crazy , but I think his teaching style works. And I surprisingly could understand what he was saying. And he really looks like a bear omg Pingsee! Haha.

Siaochabo called me just now! And there was this lagtime from when he said hello to afew seconds later , then I realised it was him , and I went ‘ OH HI! slow reaction right ahaha. I miss Darryl Hoping so much laaa come back soon la ! Then you can tutor me math again cos Im failing maths terribly. Hahaha (:

Okay. There is homework but Im lazy to start on it. Ahhhh. Some things are meant to be forgotten , right? No idea why its s o hard. And no , its not what you guys may beĀ  thinking (:

What if I never knew you ,

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Yesterday was fun! :D

Met Kuangjie , Zhao Loong and Reuben at the interchange , then they came to my house. Slacked and watched Sky High for a while . I watched that movie like .. 4 times alr! Hahaha :D Then we bused to TM to eat dinner and cabbed to church aft that to meet Priscilla. Blood Brothers was awesome! And Im so so so glad they enjoyed BB la , I was so afraid it would be boring and uninteresting. Yay yay :D

There was supper at the carpark aft that , so intro-ed them to the rest. Ahaha :D Then sent Kuangjie and Priscilla to the inter , and bused back. Buddy’s friend accepted Christ , yay buddy! :D Praise God , Im happy for you :D

Hmm , I dno why these few days I wake up so early. Weekends only , weedays not included. I cant seem to sleep past 11am. ): Which is a sad thing , cos weekends are meant for relaxation (: Hahaha. I JUST FINISHED PI YAY. Even though I think my draft sucks , nehmind la.

Well , I think I shld go nap now. Because sch starts tmrrrrrr which means I have to wake up early again. Ahaha. Okay yay bye :D:D:D

Forever is just a word ,

You and I are not meant to be

I promise myself I’ll forget you

No matter what it takes

Love is all that is ,

Sorrow pain and countless heartbreaks.

Its now or never ,

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Its Thursday! (:

Good Friday tmr , so no school hehe yay. I cant wait for Blood Brothers!:D I hope 1A04 ppl will come hehe (:

I think that each week is getting more tiring . Not to mention the increasing amount of work piling up everyday , I dont know whats going on la. ): Yet , I dont wna do badly cos I dont want to fail promos = retain ): Hai hai hai.

Yst was super tiring , reached home at 8+ cos of SR Olmypics Heats , which I didnt run last minute cos too little ppl. Hehe so waited for them to finish running then went home with Bijal and Constance. By the time I took out everything to do homework it was already 9 , then I was struggling to do PI , Geography and study History at the same time. It was total chaos la , I did everything sloppily , and finally went to sleep at 12am + ): And thanks to that I overslept and couldnt make it for SHOP this morning.

And in every lesson I was stoning and trying to recall all my history facts , which I totally forgot. Ahaha but the quiz quite okay la I anyhow whack some questions then Bijal said I got correct. Hmm I just hope I dont fail. I think after I eat I will go sleep because I really feel sleep-deprived . Okay byeee :D

Now that you’re gone ,

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I just cleaned my table! :D Yay. It looks so clean and organised now. Just now , I plucked out all the wires from my old CPU to make space for the laptop cable. And now the floor doesnt look so messy anymore either. Yay yay (:

I heard that my mother’s sisters coming over for dinner later. And they’re bringing Tessa to stay for 2 weeks! :D Yay again because I miss Cola and I missed the time where Tessa stayed here. :D And she’s coming to stay again! Btw , Tessa’s my ahma’s dog , Papillon (?) (:

Jolene’s party on Friday was fun! Me and Rubez went aft CCA , and we drank buble tea at Potong Pasir while waiting for Esmond. So nice (: Hehe , I didnt know half of the people at the party , but it was awesome , excluding the fact that it was hot and I was dead tired. Hehe (: Cabbed home with Anna and Olivia aft that , reached home at 12+ . :D


Ahaha sch starts tmr again. Why must the weekends end so fast ): Oh well bbbbbzxz. (:

You’re the only one that I could live for,

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In troubled times its You I seek

I put You first thats all I need (:

Yay Im suddenly v high. Listening to One Way ahaha ! (:

I realised that every lecture theatre is freezing cold except LT1. I was dying frm cold in Econs Lecture today. Didnt help that I was so sleepy ahaha. Oh yea we had GP test today ahahaha. I wrote pure rubbish la , dont know what I was doing. 7 paragraphs of nonsense , I hope Mogey doesnt faint while marking my paper. Anyway , he did something very nice today , he let us off 15 minutes earlier. My face from =| became =D immediately. (:

Today seemed v short , aft lunch was Maths lecture. Pingsee is seriously very funny la. Sit next to her can laugh like siao. Constance and Zhao Loong were being weird during lecture today. Hahaha , and Constance was oblivious to it throughout the whole thing. V funny. =p

And I got 1 out of 5 for Econs test. AHAHAHHA. Must go see her for ‘consultation’ tomorrow. Hehe i hope she doesnt scold me. And my first draft for PW PI failed totally. Open the cover page, all I could see was red marks and crosses all over the page. Which was sad ): And 2nd draft is due next Monday no timeeeee laa ):

Tmr is Jolene’s party yay! Gg with Chong aft CCA (: Ahaha Im really tired I wna watch tv (:

Something special ,

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Today Mr Mark Wong treated 1A04 to Pizza , KFC and Macdonalds during lunch. Yayyyy so yummy , but I feel so fat now luh ):

Stayed back with Bijal , Zhao Loong , Reuben , Wesley and Kuang Jie for a while since i didnt have CCA today and Bijal made me stay back. Ahaha sat at the 3rd level study place , where we were supposed to study , but I ended up slacking and talking nonsense hehehe. And when all of them went off I went home. (:

On the way home , I saw this brother sharing potato chips with his little sister. And I saw this bird picking twigs from the ground to build a nest. So cute la , its stuff like these that make me realise theres so much more to appreciate in life , and I dont have to keep worrying about my minor minor minor problems.

Thank you God for showing me that I have to stop walloing in self-pity , and appreciate things around me. (: <3<3