Its all coming back ,

HELLOHELLO!:D I wasnt in the mood to blog for so many days ahaha.

Runners Club had CIP on Saturday! Where we walked from Singapore Association for The Deaf to Esplanade! It was super fun la , I took cab to sch in the morning again cos I thought I would be late. I realised I cabbed to sch alot of times this month , no wonder all my allowance is GONE. ): Anyway , we got free shirts from the association , Im so happy k , one more shirt to wear at home hehe :D Then we watched some performances and we started walking. Me and Yijie made friends with this cute 5year old boy . His name’s Brian! And he remembered our names. So cute okayyyy! I still rmb what he look like. Haha. So after the walk , some of us went to Macs to eat. And me and Yijie had this stupid idea to send in some message , and it would come up on the Macdonalds TV thingy. And it did! When it popped out we were all like EHHH LOOOOOOK ahahaha. Attracting attention only =P But vvvv fun , aft that went to walk arnd awhile , then left to meet ANNA. (: Ate at LJS , then went to church ahaha.

I didnt go for 5km race on Sunday ): But I heard the top 3 people all from Runners Club yay =D Ahaha , spent the whole day trying to finish up my homework and feeling terrible at the same time. And I was so stressed out over PW!

But yay , Mrs Tay approved my PW topic today so I can start on PI. Such a relief k (: And you know whatttt , I am broke ): I had to borrow money from Constance today. ): And I still owe alot of ppl money. Feel like asking Daddy to give me allowance later but hes not at home. Ahhhhh my aim is to not take cab this month so I can save more. Me Constance Vincci Linette and Rebekah came up with a Savings Slimming Scheme ( SSS ) ahaha. (:

Okay tmr history test eeee ): I have no mood to read la. Everything’s coming back. And I dont want it to come back. But I know it is. Roarrr.

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