Lost in the moment,

Hello! Just came home from PA outing , wasnt that bad uh quite alot of PA ppl went. Philemon didnt go! ):

So aft cell group , me and Eunice met the rest at the HQ , then Joel drove us to Simpang. Ate fish and chips again , so expensive luhhhhh but once in a while so nehhhmind (: The guys were being so lame okay. Its a guy thing laaa , as Clara said. Ahahaha.

So after we ate we walked to the playground nearby , and started playing. Okay , actually only afew of us played on the swings and seesaw , the rest just stood around and talked. Ahaha. I am going to crash Isaac’s wedding next time and sabo him. =P And Matthew is so funny luh , ‘ Mummy I love you honey ‘ AHHAHA. So aft a while of stoning and playing and attempting to tell stories , the guys wanted to go play L4D. So me , Eunice and Arvin went home. MRT-ed home with Eunice , ahahaha.

Daddy is back from Leaders Retreat! And he bought me bubblegum YAYYYYY :D Im so happy that hes back la , havent seen him in like how many days. =D Tmrs Sunday , then its gna be Monday , sch reopen. This week is super hectic la ))): Not looking forward to it at all. And I havent finished my homework ohnoooooo. Okay, I go stone and then sleep. (: Byeeeeeee

Ahaha ,’ M+E = ME (: ‘, funny uh Eunice. (:

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