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Its all coming back ,

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HELLOHELLO!:D I wasnt in the mood to blog for so many days ahaha.

Runners Club had CIP on Saturday! Where we walked from Singapore Association for The Deaf to Esplanade! It was super fun la , I took cab to sch in the morning again cos I thought I would be late. I realised I cabbed to sch alot of times this month , no wonder all my allowance is GONE. ): Anyway , we got free shirts from the association , Im so happy k , one more shirt to wear at home hehe :D Then we watched some performances and we started walking. Me and Yijie made friends with this cute 5year old boy . His name’s Brian! And he remembered our names. So cute okayyyy! I still rmb what he look like. Haha. So after the walk , some of us went to Macs to eat. And me and Yijie had this stupid idea to send in some message , and it would come up on the Macdonalds TV thingy. And it did! When it popped out we were all like EHHH LOOOOOOK ahahaha. Attracting attention only =P But vvvv fun , aft that went to walk arnd awhile , then left to meet ANNA. (: Ate at LJS , then went to church ahaha.

I didnt go for 5km race on Sunday ): But I heard the top 3 people all from Runners Club yay =D Ahaha , spent the whole day trying to finish up my homework and feeling terrible at the same time. And I was so stressed out over PW!

But yay , Mrs Tay approved my PW topic today so I can start on PI. Such a relief k (: And you know whatttt , I am broke ): I had to borrow money from Constance today. ): And I still owe alot of ppl money. Feel like asking Daddy to give me allowance later but hes not at home. Ahhhhh my aim is to not take cab this month so I can save more. Me Constance Vincci Linette and Rebekah came up with a Savings Slimming Scheme ( SSS ) ahaha. (:

Okay tmr history test eeee ): I have no mood to read la. Everything’s coming back. And I dont want it to come back. But I know it is. Roarrr.

Its beating for you ,

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I AM SO TIRED. I just woke up from a one hour plus long nap , but I feel worse than ever la. JC is so tiring and stressful , actually I also dno why I feel stressed. Just feel like theres lots of stuff to do but I dont know what. I have this feeling Im gna retain la , at the rate Im going. ):

On a happier note , I ran 5km for CCA yesterday! Its such an accomplishment la ! Hahaha. Cos I never ran 5km straight before in my life. It was tiring at first , but running with Yijie and the rest made it better (: Thank youYijieeee I love you<3

Tomorrow is finally Friday , I can come home early and sleep (: But theres CIP on Saturday and the Walk and Run thingy on Sunday , so there goes my weekend of sleeping late. ):

Ahaha I still love school. Because of . . . . . (:

Lost in the moment,

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Hello! Just came home from PA outing , wasnt that bad uh quite alot of PA ppl went. Philemon didnt go! ):

So aft cell group , me and Eunice met the rest at the HQ , then Joel drove us to Simpang. Ate fish and chips again , so expensive luhhhhh but once in a while so nehhhmind (: The guys were being so lame okay. Its a guy thing laaa , as Clara said. Ahahaha.

So after we ate we walked to the playground nearby , and started playing. Okay , actually only afew of us played on the swings and seesaw , the rest just stood around and talked. Ahaha. I am going to crash Isaac’s wedding next time and sabo him. =P And Matthew is so funny luh , ‘ Mummy I love you honey ‘ AHHAHA. So aft a while of stoning and playing and attempting to tell stories , the guys wanted to go play L4D. So me , Eunice and Arvin went home. MRT-ed home with Eunice , ahahaha.

Daddy is back from Leaders Retreat! And he bought me bubblegum YAYYYYY :D Im so happy that hes back la , havent seen him in like how many days. =D Tmrs Sunday , then its gna be Monday , sch reopen. This week is super hectic la ))): Not looking forward to it at all. And I havent finished my homework ohnoooooo. Okay, I go stone and then sleep. (: Byeeeeeee

Ahaha ,’ M+E = ME (: ‘, funny uh Eunice. (:

Learn to fly,

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Hahaha I havent updated for the week. Lazy =P

I went to Pasir Ris to pass Dewaine her phone! Sorry Dewaine I was late ): Anyway , trained back aft that , and guess who I saw at Bedok Inter (:  Aft that I was much happier than I ever felt for the past 2 days. (((((:

I am so lazy to start on holiday homework. And school is starting. Not like I really had a holiday anyway. This week was like emotinoal roller coaster ride for me. Have I really been looking sad? Quite afew people told me that alr. But I dunno , Im like subconciously sad or smth? Ahaha. Besides crying and tearing every night. That part sucks but its getting better alr. I should stop being so emo. But it isnt my choice , the feelings just come and go. Wah I feel so PMS-y. hmmm.

Ytd was class outing! Im sorry Constance , I didnt go to Sentosa with you guys. I promise to go next time alright? I seriously thought you were angry with me ahaha. Me , Rebekah , Priscilla and Zhao Loong met the rest of the class at Vivo and sat at the rooftop of Vivo eating and laughing and talking. I enjoyed myself , even though I wasnt feeling that fantastic the whole day. I love 1A04 (:

Ahaha I really have nothing to blog about anymore. Shall stop hereeeeee. I still cant believe what happened today (:

Protected: Its a joke,

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What to think ehhh,

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HELLO! Start of March Holidays but not really a holiday for me lor.

Today there was history quiz + timed practice. And I screwed up for the quiz , so sad okay ): I hope I dont fail , and I cant finish the history essay. Ahahaha. In the past you give me 40 minutes I can finish 2 essays easily. But now different uh.

Aft sch , me and Constance met Yansheng all the way at Bishan MRT , ate LJS at Junction 8 , Im so suaku la , I’ve never been to Junction8! But first time for everything hehe (: Aft eating we went to walk arnd and eat Mcdonalds Ice cream! And MRT-ed home with Constance aft that.

Went Botak Jones to eat dinner with Mummy Darius Darren and Aunty. Siao la the portion so big cannot finish. I feel like a waster. Went to the library , then walk arnd inter , then went to Macs cos of my fantastic idea to buy Mcdonalds ice cream again. So in total I ate two ice creams today.^^ Bumped into Anna , Eunice and Wanxin .

In the end , I went with the 3 of them to buy stuff then go church cos I didnt feel like going home so early. Ahahaha they are mad ppl la . Esp Wanxin , laugh and laugh! V funnn , too bad Mummy didnt allow me stay over. So they walked me to outside the gate of church and now Im home! Tmr Econs Lecture.. ):

And I havent started on any homework , Im seriously a slacker.

Desireeeeee ahhhh , dont think so much cannnnn. Ahhhhh its nothingggg , but whyyy youuuu thinkinggg sooo muchhhh. Stop daydreaming and start snapping backkk to realityyy alr….

Love is a riddle , yes thats true

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Yo! I just came back from Orchard with Dewaine! :D

Today I slept until 12oclock , so shiok okay. I miss the holidays where I’ll sleep until afternoon ++ everyday. And now I have to wake up at 6am daily , excluding the weekends. Ohwell , school’s still fun though!

Went for service , and left after announcements to meet Dewaine Lee at Orchard! I walked arnd trying to find Wisma , dont laugh at me , Orchard isnt my second home, (: I managed to find Wisma , and Dewaine waited for me somewhere outside near Zara. Walked randomly into shops and looked at clothes , I feel so broke that I cant afford anything okay. Just wait till I have an income , I’ll be VIP in every branded shop (:

Ate at some Ramen place , the green tea was so tasteless I asked for sugar syrup , and in the end I added too much sugar and the whole thing was disgustingly sweet. Dewaine’s so cute la , she gave me abit of her chicken , thanks Dewaine! (: Then we went to walk arnd at FarEast abit more , and walked back to Wisma , and then trained home. Today was lovely , thank you Dewaineeee I love you alottttt! Meet up soon again okayyy. <33

‘It isnt a secret anymore’ Yea I think more and more ppl are beginning to know , but still ,that cant stop me frm liking you. I really think that I love you. But you dont feel the same do you ? I’ve tried focusing on other things to forget you , but none of that seems to work. My mind is fixed on you all the time. And I just dont know how to stop thinking of you. Continue liking you , or not? Your name appears everywhere and Im really confused.