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‘You inspired this one’ ,

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Today’s Friday!

This week passed super fast la I think. Sooo , academic orientation is over! And next week will be fun orientation , which means we’re gna play games. Haha.

So yst and today was lecture day , we had to go attend lectures. And first GP lecture yesterday , they made us write an argumentative essay. I really dislike argumentative , but no choice. And it had to be 400 words long! So I just wrote stuff that came to my mind , in the end , I finished quite early. And I wrote arnd 470 words , so yay (: I hope I dont fail that essay. (: So aft that was econs lecture , then history lecture , and lastly maths lecture. The man started teaching partial fractions , and I was so lost. I kept asking Joycelyn how to do everything , cos I really had no idea how , and the teacher kept going at such a super fast speed. HAHA. He finished teaching partial fractions in one hour okay. =.=

Today I only attended one lecture. Which was geography lecture I think. Stoned in the LT , cos it was freezing. And aft that , me and Priscilla decided to give Chem lecture a miss , since we weren’t taking chemistry at all. Went to buy food , walked arnd the sch , and had bonding time. Hehe. Priscilla taught me to play the piano! River flows in you , she says its from the Twilight movie. And I can play half of the song alr! Im so happy la , finally I can play something other than TongHua and GuanHuaiFangShi. (: Went to the hall to watch some performances , and we were dismissed. Yay.

Had SHOP aft sch , worship + praying , then we went to library to check our appeal results. I didn’t get into TPJC , but its alright. God has a plan , and Im glad He put me in SRJC. The people are really really friendly too , and I made so many new friends. I’ll miss my OG! Even though I didnt really talk to many of them , they made this week much more fun. (: + + + eyecandyyyyyyy is so cute. ^^Oh yea , I got my uniform alr! And my brother just taught me how to tie a tie. Hahahaha. (:

I got my first choice combination , so I’ll be taking Econs , Geography , History and H1 Maths. I wna know my classssss! And I hope there’ll be people I know in my class , if not I have to make friends all over again. Which is fun in a way.  I sort of cant wait for next week. =DDDDYayyyy.


Because I liked the view ,

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Last 2 days was SRJC orientation. The sch quite nice , cos there’s aircon in the hall! (yay) and Angela , Constance and me went exploring today! When we were suppoed to check out the subject booths,  but we couldn’t be bothered to. And I was late today okay. All because of bus 854 , which Im nvr gna take again. Thank goodness they didnt give me late slip or something. Sat in the hall for this subject talk , and I was seriously falling asleep. I cant stand talks that last for sooo long , because I have short attention span. Hehe (:

Anyway , I made new friends! One on the first day , her name’s Victoria.I met her at the school gate and shes really friendly. Another is in my OG group , her name’s Priscilla! Shes super super super nice , and my first close friend that I made in the sch! :D And my OG’s quite fun too. Even though there’s like only 3 guys , the rest are girls. And Huiling is my OGL , which is such a coincidence , cos I didn’t even know she was from SRJC.

And I notice I know quite a lot of people in school. SAC ppl , my classmates , church friends , + new friends! And I think I don’t mind staying in SRJC alr. (: Cos its seems fun! Oh well , tmr is mass dance. I feel like ponning ):

And I need my fringe to grow fasterrrrr. Shldn’t have cut it , I really look =/ . Grow fringe growwwww!

You can’t make up your mind ,

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School’s starting tomorrow! Hmm , Im like excited , but I’ll miss my holidays too. ): Ohwell ,2 more years only , Im sure time will fly past. (:

Andandand , I wrote a song last night! Not just a C.O.W , but really song , with verses , chorus + TUNE. (: Im so happy. But it sounds so kiddish. Hahaha , I might post lyrics up here if I feel like it. Yay yay , Ministry Day yesterday was fun. (:

And dinner with Eunice and Rubez was great too. I love KFC (:

Hehe ,I dunno what to type anymore. And Im gna sleep at 9oclock tonight! =O After 3 months of sleeping past midnight. BYE (: