Nananaa :D


Haha I havent blogged for a week I think. I feel super tired this week. JC life is really starting to get hectic and tiring and sian and busy. ): I almost cried last night , because I couldn’t read and understand some chinese passage at all. And because of that I couldnt do chinese homework ): Gna try again later , I shall come up with something for summary. There’s 1 million and one things to do , read and study for.

But I still love JC life alot (: Especially since I have such an awesome class1A04! :D:D Without them I’ll seriously go into depression and cry every day. Everyone’s so encouraging and supportive and kind and nice , and they really make me feel happy!

And even though I come home so late nowadays , the earliest so far was . 5+ , I still enjoy SRJC. Yay yay I dont regret coming to this sch at all haha. Okay , I shall stop here la. I realise my whole post and the precious posts are all about SRJC and my class :D Okay byebye!

you’re so cute. e.c’s so cute. :D

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