Haha , the figures above spell out my accomplishment today!

Met Joanna and Constance in the morning at usual time , then went to school. Our intention was to run rounds arnd the track for the RUN@SRJC thingy , but we found out later that it didnt start this week. HAHA. We ran 2 rounds arnd the track anyway , and aft that I was dead tired alr. Went off for SHOP , then assembly.

And lessons are becoming so tiring these days , dunno why luhhhhh ): But I still can absorb stuff well which is a good thing yayyyyy.:D:D:D And I love 1A04 so much la , we’re so bonded and all. Just that girls and guys are still abit seperated , but I think thats gna change soon (: Besides , we have 2 years to spend with each other! So yayy , I love 1A04 muchzxz <333

Aft lessons today , went for Runner’s Club trials. And we didnt get to play captain’s ball in the end cos ODAC took up our space. D: So we ended up doing intervals in the end , 5 sets of 200m run , 20pushups and 20 crunches. I feel so light and feathery now HAHAHA. And I made new friends which is YAYYY :D. Yijie , Wenjie , Mei Hong and Cho Lin! Theyre such fun ppl to be with :D And I enjoyed runners club today yayyyy :D:D:D

So in total , I ran 2.8km , did 100 pushups and 100 crunches for today. Im so proud of myself :DDDDDD

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